Safe pregnancy for magical mommies

In honor of the Great Mother, and all mothers, I present this to you. Many herbs common in magical studies and practices are dangerous to use during pregnancy. Mugwort tea, for example, part of any standard divination ritual for many practitioners, will cause miscarriage (even late in pregnancy) and subsequent bleeding. Fortunately, most herbs are safe to handle in small […]

Pekingese Itch – Itch Scratch Series

The Pekingese often gets allergic skin disease from food allergy or canine atopic dermatitis. This can lead to itching, scratching, chewing, and licking, which in turn can lead to a secondary infection of the skin with bacteria or yeast. The common skin infection in dogs is caused by Staphylococcus intermedius. The common yeast infection in dogs is caused by Malassezia. […]

Renters Insurance: Should You Get It or Not?

Everyone is a renter at some point in life. Some start early while others start late. Approximately 111 million (111,000,000) Americans rented in 2016. Of this number, about 9 million were people under the age of 30, while 27 million were people between the ages of 30 and 65. Even among seniors, about 6 million people over the age of […]

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combo When buying a wireless gaming mouse and keyboard combo, there are a few things to keep in mind. While this article will focus on gaming mouse and keyboard combos that are best for PCs, you can also check out the Razer Turret keyboard and mouse combo for Xbox One. The Razer Turret is designed for […]

make oxtail soup

Well, I seriously doubt that what is sold as ‘oxtail’ in the markets actually comes from an ox. I’m sure it comes from the same steers as all the other meats, but it sounds weird to say “steer tail” or even “beef tail.” It’s obviously one of those (pardon the expression) ‘little by little’ items and as such one might […]

How to develop excellent math students

There was a time when the United States of America had some of the highest math scores in the world for students in grades K through 12. A lot has changed since those days, and to help kids get back on the path of being good students of math, parents have an important role to play. Parents can help develop […]

Dance: the fine art

It is natural to want to dance and move every time we listen to music. With the drumbeat of a military march, we want to march in time; the soft circles of a waltz have the power to make us feel like we are spinning forever; and a lullaby makes us numb our bodies. Dance is a natural expression and […]

Tax Planning Shareholder Succession

Items to consider when planning a repurchase of the company gold a dividend When a company repurchases its shares under ยง302, it is accounted for as a capital asset disposition and is considered a sale or exchange for tax purposes. Proceeds from the transaction offset the adjusted basis of the shares. The selling shareholder will recognize a gain or loss […]