Brainstorm Bowling Team Names

Creativity, originality, and memorability (is there such a word?) do not just happen. Especially when it comes to coming up with the names of your bowling team. If you’re still looking for that catchy name (get it?) for your bowling team, then a good old-fashioned brainstorming session is what you need. There are some simple rules and strategies that you […]

The 3 Faces of Barbados, Part 2 – The Laid Back South Coast

The three faces of Barbados, the beautiful easternmost island in the Caribbean, offer more diversity than vacation spots much larger than the country’s 14 by 21 miles. “Laid back” and “great value” characterize the second side of the island: Barbados’ south coast, where white-sand beaches abound, nightlife is active and vacation rentals are reasonably priced. Part 2 of a 3 […]

Piano Lesson: Ear Training

Ear training is especially important if you want to improvise, compose, or figure out song melodies and chords by ear. A good musical ear is an acquired skill, not a gift. And like other skills, it is acquired through practice. The more we train our ears to recognize this connection, the more we enjoy playing music, because we learn to […]

A self-publisher’s guide to computer data backup

Protecting your computer’s data files is something all self-publishers should be aware of and address before it’s too late. It is not a complicated or expensive process. It can be as simple as having an external hard drive and using cloud storage. No special knowledge or sophisticated equipment is required. And, the process is very easy to automate. It is […]

Business Credit Cards: Give Your Business the Edge It Needs

There are many business owners who want to accelerate the growth of their business, but it usually depends on having a little more money available. With this, they could advertise more, replace old equipment or buy new ones, increase their inventory to sell more items, etc. Some business owners take matters into their own hands by funding these expenses from […]

Durability and Beauty of Granite

It’s no wonder that granite has been used for thousands of years in every conceivable application where it has needed to be exposed to the elements. There are not many materials that have more varied uses than granite. It can be a boring and uninteresting stone, or quite colorful and beautiful. The only endearing trait that makes it exceptional is […]

Electric Vehicle Challenges to Wide Adoption

It’s fun to watch a Tesla car glide down the road and know it’s fully electric; still, the industry has a long way to go before electric cars can compete on consumer price, before widespread adoption is fully feasible. Trust me when I say I’m not against EVs, I just see a lot of challenges: cost, weight, subsidies, efficiencies, range, […]

Christian gifts for mother’s day

If you’re looking to buy your mom a Christian gift for Mother’s Day, you have more options than you think. In addition to buying a nice new copy of the Bible, you’ll find that there are many other options available today that will make the perfect gift for your mom. Your choice can range from personalized Christian cards to special […]