The Nokia C5 – Messaging made easy

With the Nokia C5, messaging is much easier. With a design we’ve grown accustomed to for years, this simple mobile phone takes messaging to a whole new level. With the C5, there are more ways to get the message across than simply calling and texting. With the Nokia C5, you can instantly access your favorite social networks, such as Facebook. […]

History of Adora dolls

This article describes the history of the Adora dolls, their description and what makes them unique. Adora Dolls are high quality collectible dolls produced by the Adora Company. The company has years of experience in making artistic dolls. The Adora Dolls are the result of the company’s research on dolls in museums and collections across Europe. These dolls are made […]

Tips for all-inclusive vacations in Jamaica

An all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica is the perfect getaway for travelers seeking tropical weather, cultural exposure, white-sand beaches with crystal-clear waters, a variety of activities, entertainment, and great food. Here are some advantages of an all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica 1. All-inclusive hotels have a wide variety of amenities, entertainment, restaurant, activities to keep you very busy and give you a […]

Microsoft Office Exam: An Important Pre-Employment Testing Tool

Computers have now become indispensable in the workplace, and computer skills have become more important than ever. Software applications like Microsoft Office can increase the productivity of your employees and the entire company as a whole. Employees can use it to create a business plan, letterhead, marketing collateral, a profit and loss projection, sales brochures, and more. This software application […]

How much does satellite radio advertising cost?

Space of the last frontier… It is also a land loaded with floating metal objects that rotate the planet and send signals to our devices. One of these floating metallic objects is a satellite designed to send radio programming to our receivers. In the United States, the only brand on the market is Sirius XM satellite radio. Satellite radio is […]

Fire Station Design to Attract and Retain Members

A successful fire station must serve a wide variety of functions: maintenance and storage of firefighting vehicles and equipment, administrative offices, training rooms, community education, hazardous materials storage, lodging and recreation, food preparation. However, with the ranks of volunteer firefighters shrinking, one of the most important features of fire station design may be the quality of life that attracts new […]

Public Values ​​and Public Interest: Countering Economic Individualism

Bozeman, Barry. (2007). Public values ​​and public interest: counterweight to economic individualism. Georgetown University Press, DC: Beryl A. Radin. P. 1+186. ISBN 978-1-58901-177-9. Reviewed by Billy Best, University of West Florida. Public Values ​​and the Public Interest: Countering Economic Individualism is a unique academic masterpiece by Barry Bozeman that provides a deep and compelling understanding of what comprises public values, […]

In a post-Christian era – Remember

Many societies, especially in the West, are getting used to the idea that Christianity is a thing of the past. The thought is, ‘now we can breathe a great sigh of relief when all that old puritanical and ecclesiastical stuff and all that decrepit morality is undone.’ Now we can continue to live our lives as we want.’ Sounds great, […]