Nursing CEUs For Nurses – Diabetes

Nursing CEUs For Nurses The nursing care plan for diabetes has been revised with new content and formatting. The main goals for the plan include achieving normal blood glucose levels, preventing the development of complications, enhancing patient health and managing the long-term consequences. Nurses should tailor the patient education program to the needs of the individual patient, stressing the importance […]

How to Find Out If You Won the Powerball Lottery

Won the Powerball Lottery If you have Powerball tickets, you may be wondering how to check if you have a winning number. You can do this by visiting the Powerball website. This site has information on past winners and how many numbers you need to match to win a prize. It also includes a chart that shows the odds of […]

Top 10 Worst PC Viruses of All Time

Viruses have been around for decades and are created sometimes as a joke, but other times to create destruction. In the 1980s, humans spread computer viruses. The virus was stored on a disk and distributed by humans. When the Internet became popular, the spread of computer viruses became a real problem. Top 10 Computer Viruses The Melissa virus was created […]

NBA March Play – More Bubble Motivation

Throughout February we heard endless talk about bubble teams. Who is in? Who is out? Who is on the brink? That, of course, referred to college basketball tournaments. But a new focus on bubble teams is very much on the sports betting scene in March and that is the NBA playoff bubble teams. This must be taken into account in […]

Why say you’re fine when you’re not?

Many of us enjoy exchanging pleasantries as we pass each other while taking a walk in the countryside, or nod our heads and share a few friendly words in a work or family social setting. There is often a smile when we ask, ‘hello, how are you?’, which is often followed thoughtlessly by the usual, ‘I’m fine, thanks, how are […]

Find the Halo strategy guide for your favorite Halo game

Expand your gaming enjoyment with a detailed Halo Xbox walkthrough for all the games in this popular series. Each Halo game guide is not only incredibly informative, but also beautifully crafted and considered a collector’s item. This best-selling sci-fi video game centers on an intergalactic war between a futuristic human race against a religious alien force known as the Covenant. […]

Write a book and earn residual income

The initial idea of ​​writing a book of any size is daunting for the average person. If you like to write or have a great idea to write about, you should give it a try. It may not seem like passive income at first because you will be spending a lot of hours and time writing the book. However, in […]