Two For Sale By Owner Deal Killers

You have just negotiated a deal with a buyer and have signed a sales contract. The good news is that you are almost there. The bad news is that the finish line is still not as close as you think. Even though you and the buyer have agreed on a price, there is still room for the deal to fail. […]

Android VS iOS App Testing

People now live in the digital century: the age of mobile devices, electronic devices, IoT products, wireless connections, electronic entertainment services, etc. People use mobile devices for various purposes: get information, pay bills, communicate with friends, solve business tasks, play games, etc. Each mobile device requires a special software program that guarantees the correct functioning of its hardware. Today, the […]

Old Army Terminology

The author, Peter B. Kyne, mentions in his book, Soldiers, Sailors and Dogs, New York: HC Kinsey & Co., 1936, what appears to be a series of expressions that probably originated during the Spanish-American War and could have it survived until the early part of American involvement in World War I. Evidently Kyne had some military experience or knowledge of […]

Zacatecas – A Colonial Treasure

When one thinks of vacations, the idea is often to go to the beach. But, what about for those of us who are not too beach lovers? Well, if that’s the case, why not visit Zacatecas, Mexico? Traveling to Zacatecas is like traveling back in time, as this city is one of the best preserved colonial cities in the world. […]

Business Writing: 10 Tips for Professional Copywriters for More Effective Written Communication

Do you spend most of your day writing? If the answer is yes, these tips from a professional copywriter in Gloucestershire, UK, could help make writing anything from a simple email to an important business proposal more effective and enjoyable. As Julie Andrews sang in The sound of the music, Lets start by the beginning. Good writing—effective, engaging writing that […]

Microsoft Xbox ONE vs Sony PS4

graphics The biggest question in the gaming world is; which one has better graphics However, it is very difficult to answer. We say difficult because if you compare the graphics of the current Xbox 360 to the PS3, it will vary from game to game and generally the difference is not that big. It all depends on the way the […]

Easy DIY Storage Ideas for Crafts

Have you ever wished that your craft room looked like all those amazing and beautiful ones you see every day on TV or in magazines? Trust me I have it too. I have so many crafting materials that they are slowly taking over the whole room, so I’m afraid they will soon take over my whole house if I don’t […]

Aristotle, rhetoric and modern media culture

Squeeze a slice of today’s society into a Petri dish, stare at it for a while, and you’ll inevitably realize that most of those little brightly colored clusters fluttering in the slime are powered by a potent, barely visible drive from to dominate. Turn the lens up another notch or two and you’ll notice that these same, now larger, multi-motivated […]

Voting Rights and Disenfranchisement

The Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution gave black men the right to vote five years after the Civil War ended. Black women gained that right, along with other adult women, when the Nineteenth Amendment was passed thirty years later. However, having the right on paper and being able to exercise it were two different things for many years. […]