What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?

hey people, I was recently at a conference with my colleagues and heard from one of the best entrepreneurs in my business the best explanation of what defines an entrepreneur. Most people use the word entrepreneur very loosely and I think the following will clear things up. An Entrepreneur is: 1. personal growth 2. always learning 3. looking for opportunities […]

Understand cloud computing or a pay-per-use utility model

Let’s understand what cloud computing and “Pay-As-You-Go” (PAYG) models are. Let’s tackle PAYG first. In a nutshell, PAYG is a computing “utility” model that allows a user to pay based on machine hours incurred or the amount of resources consumed. This is a very interesting utility computing model. Users are charged based on their hours of use rather than the […]

Ethics and Global Business

With the advent of the Internet, everything from personal relationships to business has become ‘global’ for all intents and purposes. Today, you can talk to people all over the world as easily as if you were talking to your next door neighbor. Businesses can exchange documents of all kinds with the push of a button, without having to wait days […]

Exotic bold gloss: jewel tone décor

Jewel tones take on a new meaning after years of home décor in a natural earthy direction. Lively ocean blue, emerald green, Indian red, and fuchsia pink color schemes, we’re finally letting some color back into our homes. The 2018 Interior Designers Guild predicts that colors that energize your interiors and jewel tones will prevail. Colors that transform your soul, […]

The keys to everything you can imagine

There is a place in every city, town or village that was the “center” of knowledge, the place to soar above the daily grind. It gave you the ticket to countries one could never visit in a lifetime, meet people who are an inspiration to many, and actually learn the history of your country, your family, or events that happened […]

The importance of flexibility in golf, especially for older golfers with stretching exercises

If your range of motion is limited by inflexibility or even stiffness, your golf game will be severely affected as your club speed will not be as fast. Stretching exercises, which work very well with strengthened muscles, are really effective in helping you improve your range of motion and become more flexible. These workouts typically have a significant effect on […]

Are you using a safe CBD oil?

CBD oil is becoming one of the hottest new products on the market today. In fact, annual sales of CBD oil products in 2018 were nearly 600 million and are estimated to be growing at a rate of over 107 percent per year. Before 2017, CBD products were only available in head shops, health food stores, and some doctor’s offices. […]