Buyer’s Guide to Buying TVs

This article serves as a buyer’s guide to buying televisions and lists many of the considerations that should be taken into account when purchasing a new television. The first consideration to make when purchasing a new plasma or other HDTV is resolution. Newer technology TVs are built with a 1080p resolution, while older HDTVs have a 720p resolution. Higher resolution […]

Bangkok: A Guide for Young Travelers

Bangkok is an exotic, friendly and beautiful city in the south of Thailand. It is the capital of Thailand, has more than eight million inhabitants and is the cultural center of the country. It is a place of raucous nightlife and beautiful temples, delicious food and sweltering heat, crowded streets and massive markets. There is no shortage of things to […]

10 innovative ideas for your next manicure

A manicure can be more than cutting your nails and choosing a new color. You can reflect a seasonal look, showcase a specific design, or use contrasting colors to add a whimsical touch to the look. Here are ten fun tips to use on your next salon visit. 1) Add some shine Without going overboard, silver or gold glitter can […]

Cole Porter’s song "True love"

“True Love” was written by Cole Porter and performed by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly in the 1955 film “High Society,” which also starred Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. “True Love” was Grace Kelly’s first and only gold record and was Bing Crosby’s 21st gold record. The song stayed on the charts for 22 weeks, peaking at number 3. “True […]

Qualifications Required for Computer Operator Jobs

When looking for entry-level computer operator positions, you may be surprised to find that there are some entry-level computer operator jobs with employers who are willing to train you in basic computer operations or proprietary systems. There are some computer operator jobs that may require additional training and education. If you’re aware of the qualifications employers are looking for, they […]