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4 reasons to invest in a new website this year

Do you feel that the content of your website no longer conveys the correct message?

Content is usually the last part of a web design project left behind. However, it is one of the most critical elements of a website. What could be the reasons?

This is because it takes time for words to convert users into customers. However, when you add eye-catching design to great content, it can be a winning combination.

What’s wrong with the content included in a number of business websites?

  • Since they are not regularly updated and tweaked, it makes a website look stagnant, causing businesses to convey a completely different (unintended) message to their target audience.
  • It comes in the form of facts and statements such as “We started in 2009 and provide small businesses with web design services.” This does not address customer problems, nor does it provide solutions to make their lives easier.
  • Users have difficulty finding the products/services they need or completing an action on the website.
  • Since the target audience may have changed over a period of time in a business, a website may appear outdated in this regard.
  • Can users find relevant information on the website? Is the information valuable and compelling enough to engage with the business?
  • The website has a number of different visitors and each type may be looking for something more. Does your existing website serve all users?
  • A website (just like other channels) does not include a video.

It is obvious that in 2017, video played a big role in terms of inbound marketing strategies.

To generate web traffic more effectively, it would be helpful to create high-quality, relevant, and entertaining videos. Post them on YouTube as well as other social media channels. Nowadays, filming and recording has become easier.

The “digital strategy” is not clear.

It is essential to have a “digital strategy” in 2018. If you don’t have one, propose one and you will see that your new website will be the focal point, which unifies everything.

In reality, a digital strategy includes the steps taken to determine the relevant business mission, vision, opportunities and activities to maximize the benefits of digital initiatives for business. Basically, it is to implement a digital plan to be successful online.

For example, a business refers to the sale of flowers. The digital strategy can consist of:

  • Frequent social media posts on Facebook/Twitter business pages, sharing of new products and flower arrangements to drive engagement as well as sharing of followers.
  • creating videos on the business website and YouTube channel to educate users on choosing the right flowers for a particular occasion.
  • post valuable articles on the company website blog to share, distribute and in turn generate more site traffic.
  • send weekly email newsletters to customers to inform them of special offers/promotions and recycle content posted on the website.

Clearly, it’s all about creating great content and distributing it across different channels.

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