6 Popular SEO Myths Every Webmaster Should Know

SEO is an area of ​​marketing that is never constant and is constantly changing. It is during this process of learning some and getting rid of some strategies that we also tend to learn about certain myths. When it comes to talking about myths, most of them are no longer valid thanks to the latest updates that Google has made to its algorithms, but how many people are aware of this? Not many, so here is a list of some of the famous SEO myths important for SEO guys to know and forget about:

Rank number 1 is the most important: Getting to the number one position in the SERPs is the ‘be all and be all’ of all SEO companies. It’s time to do a reality check and realize that getting the number one spot is next to impossible for highly competitive keywords. It is also important to understand that getting the first position is not so important anymore.

Keyword relevancy is gone – This myth has become very popular especially among new internet marketing agencies.

This myth stems from the fact that keyword density is considered “illegal” by google algorithms. So now let’s bust this myth and understand that no matter how sophisticated Google’s algorithm has become, today it still places a lot of importance on keywords and the relevance of keywords in content still commands attention.

To summarize this point, bust the myth and understand that keyword relevancy is still crucial, which means keyword research is a must. Texts and keywords play an important role even today in guiding users through search engine results to get the most reliable results.

Keywords must have an exact match: Another common SEO myth. Let’s take a closer look at what is actually true here.

Keywords are best thought of as a group of concepts that are related to each other rather than discrete keywords. It is virtually impossible to match the exact keywords, and in the attempt to do so, the web is littered with horrible SEO based articles, which have no substance and offer no value to users. Therefore, it is important to write articles based on keywords but ‘related keywords’ and not an exact match’.

Meta tags are considered important – With the sudden sophistication of Google’s algorithms, they seem to be less reliant on clues provided by webmasters. However, it’s time to do away with meta tags because Google no longer relies on them, and it’s time to cut back on them and spend all your attention on writing great content that’s a good read.

More links, less content – There was a time when SEO people placed a lot of importance on links, even if the content was total garbage. But times have changed because Google has gotten smarter in terms of updating itself.

So yes, even if there is a good backlink but the content is high value, it seems to work wonders now. Google immediately shoots you into the top slot of the SERPs. So, as Bill Gates says, “content is king” so follow that. But does that mean link building is no longer important? Obviously not, it is still one of the main concepts of SEO, but not at the cost of neglecting good content. So it doesn’t matter if you only have one link in your article, as long as your article is great.

SEO and social media are not related. Among all the SEO myths, this one needs to be busted almost immediately, because if this myth continues, we will be losing a lot in terms of promoting our website and letting people know about us. Google finally realized the power that is harnessed in social media, and since then, even Google is trying to promote the platform that social media has created for all of us. Social networks are one of the greatest scopes today that help enormously in the field of SEO.

The dynamics of SEO are constantly changing and the best way to understand the dynamics is to keep studying and the sooner you get rid of the myths, the better it will be for you. There is no shortage of knowledge about SEO on the web, so it’s time you heeded his call to understand what is true in the test of time and what is a myth that should be locked away in a sealed cabinet. It’s your time to choose, make it count!

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