Black Mold Removal

Can you do black mold removal on your own? It is possible, read on to learn more about these silent spores and how to get rid of them.

Mold grows where there is moisture, adequate light, and moderate temperatures. Black molds are no different. These slimy, blackish-green substances are responsible for some respiratory problems, especially in babies. They are also contributing factors to the prevalence of asthma and bronchitis in people who have been exposed. According to the Center for Disease Control, black mold is responsible for more than 100 different lung problems that plague us today. This type of mold isn’t as common as other molds, but it’s not rare either. A house infested with any type of mold is not a healthy and safe home. Although you can’t totally keep them out of your home, you can certainly minimize their presence. Removing black mold is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy home environment.

Black mold spreads very easily to various places in the house because the mold spores attach themselves to people or animals. They can even be carried by a taste of wind. If you have open doors or windows, they can easily enter and take up residence within your home. Molds love moisture, a moderately warm environment, and the right amount of light. They love to grow on walls, clothing, food, carpets, or any surface that provides the right conditions for their growth. That is why black mold health problems are so common. They can easily invade our homes and flourish to the point of becoming health risks. Sometimes, we are not aware that the health problems that afflict us are actually symptoms of mold. Breathing problems are often the first sign. A potential for more serious health risk; Mold poisoning arises due to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) formed by these molds.

So how do you know if you have mold in your house? Moisture on a surface does not necessarily mean mold growth. However, this condition may be the first sign of a potential mold problem. Another sign is a wall or ceiling that has a yellowish stain. These yellowish spots indicate the presence of moisture that facilitates mold growth. Blackish, brown, or green spots indicate that black mold growth has begun. A characteristic musty odor often accompanies the presence of mold. A person who is very sensitive or allergic to them will often have respiratory symptoms such as an asthma attack or sneezing. Prolonged exposure may result in flu-like symptoms. Some people will not immediately develop health problems from the mold, but may later develop respiratory problems related to the exposure. This is why schools and some public structures are closed during black mold cleanups. The health risks associated with it are too obvious to ignore. Although its growth is confirmed through professional black mold tests, it would be wise to check your home periodically for any visual signs of it.

Patches of mold that occupy an area of ​​two feet or more are best left to the professionals. However, small patches of black mold growth can be treated with bleach. How exactly do you go about cleaning it? First you have to check the root of the problem. Most black mold growths are the result of small leaks or drips from plumbing issues. You need to rectify the cause of the leaks first to ensure it doesn’t grow back. In a bucket add one cup of bleach to one gallon of water. Other people advise adding a little detergent soap to dissolve any grease and grime that may be present. Apply the mixture to the moldy area and leave it on for at least fifteen minutes. This is necessary to thoroughly soak the black molds and sanitize the area. Please be careful when cleaning the molds, wear a protective mask and gloves, and be extra careful when drying it. Dried black mold poses more serious health risks because accidental scratches easily release the spores into the air. The use of a respirator mask, eye protection, and appropriate clothing to prevent skin contact is strongly recommended. Whether it’s mold inside air conditioning systems, insulation, or carpets, the best remedy is to replace the infested items entirely. Widespread mold infestation, such as that which occurs after flooding, is best managed by a professional.

Mold becomes a huge health problem when we don’t pay proper attention to it. Just like our bodies, our homes need regular cleanings. Keeping moisture at bay is one of the surest ways to prevent the growth of black mold. Prevention, after all, is much easier than finding a cure. What about the bathrooms? Just make sure you clean it often and replace your shower curtains regularly. You may not be able to completely prevent black mold, but with a little persistence you can prevent it from taking over your space.

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