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Building Psychic Self Defense – Tips To Strengthen Weak Auras

You can work on a weak aura and strengthen it to serve you better; learn how, right here!

New age gurus and philosophers who expound ways for self-actualization and personal growth emphasize implementation of proven strategies that they have used successfully to remove or block negative energies and the factors that hold them back from your journey to higher consciousness. This higher plane of consciousness is achieved through constant self-discovery, delving deep into yourself to learn your true nature, traits, positive and negative energies so they can be harnessed to fulfill the purpose of developing a more powerful aura, which can serve as a best protective shield from all environmental factors.

In Greek literature and philosophical thought, aura refers to gloriole, nimbus, or halo, which is literally a ring of light that surrounds people or objects that have a sense of divinity about them. Therefore, those who can read the psychic natures of others can also perceive these rings of spirituality around a person with intense divinity and purity even in an image.

Many people mistakenly assume that an aura is a supernatural phenomenon, but this is not true. We all have an aura that is clearly ours and defined by who we are on the inside; it is a reflection of our inner selves and not the ice arcs we physically see developing around or near the Moon or Sun, but it is still a kind of ethereal luminescence that visibly surrounds a person who is connected to their divinity.

If we go according to traditional Greek thought, then the aura is defined by the rings of light that surround the strongest and most physically manifested lights, such as street lighting. Whatever the basis for each type of philosophy, and indeed there are many theories as to what comprises an aura, such as perceptual disturbances similar to those experienced during a migraine or even a sense of alertness that warns epileptics that soon can suffer a seizure, there is definitive proof underlying the existence of a strange light and color that surrounds certain spirit forms.

What we need to learn is how to differentiate between the good and bad points within us, block out the unpleasant and allow the positive aspects to come in freely to influence us towards self-improvement and fulfillment so that our true worth is realized by using our aura for our benefit.

The importance of developing and strengthening the aura is also felt because it is that sudden impulse or feeling of insight, let’s say, even that instinct that kicks in without warning, that something is wrong or not in tune with a person’s values. . It is what protects people with epilepsy from harm as they know the seizure is coming and can call for help and even when they feel a negative vibe from a stranger they can steer clear of danger by hearing these warning signs.

However, for the weak aura to become stronger and more tangible sensations, it is necessary to develop visual and mental perceptions to think with an open mind where a broader point of view can be accepted without losing the conception of things.

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