12 months without SEO

Over a year ago I came to the conclusion that search engine optimization (SEO) was, or would soon become, a waste of time. I had already said goodbye, 6 months before that, to spending an hour a day working on getting reciprocal links. What led, at the time, to what many would have said were very rash moves? After all, […]

Anaconda Life Cycle and Historical Facts

It lives in the swamps, flooded jungles, slow-moving rivers, swamps and moves a popular amphibian from the tropical forests of South America, the Anaconda. With a length of more than 20 feet, an average weight of 550 pounds, and a diameter that exceeds 12 inches, it is the largest snake on the planet. In addition to being extra large and […]

Reliable Paid Market Research Surveys – How to Find Them and Earn Money From Home

When it comes to paid market research surveys, probably the only thing stopping people from participating is the misconception that all paid survey sites are scams and that it’s impossible to make money taking surveys. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In any opportunity to make money, there will always be scams. Paid survey is no exception. However, there […]

Digital Marketing Trends of the Future in 2018

So what does 2018 hold for digital marketing? Go Mobile Smartphones are pushing laptops out of the way, and fast. 95% of people who use mobile phones use Google to search. Mobile phones have been the most popular devices for Internet searches for the last 3 years. Taking these factors into account, Google is choosing to prioritize mobile devices and […]

The Archangel of Thunder and Terror

The archangel of thunder and terror. At first glance, I thought it was a pretty commanding title. Who is this scary guy? sounds a bit Zeus-not? Does he spend his days raining down lightning bolts creating chaos, scaring the populace and leaving behind a smell of burning ashes? Hmmmm, not usually the role of an archangel. I found the title […]

Non-profit fundraising with custom playing cards

Since playing cards (e.g. poker cards) can be personalized on both the back and front of the playing card, they provide a great opportunity for a unique fundraising campaign that can be effectively combined with complementary fundraising events. . Since custom playing cards are associated with fun and entertainment, the positive impressions that fans associate with their use will reflect […]

How to use an Omaha hand simulator

An Omaha poker hand simulator is a resource you can use to help you simulate two or more Omaha poker hands. You can use the same simulator for Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo poker. This tool allows simple simulations of games in which the cards each player has are known. You can also come up with complex situations where a […]