Write authentically, even breaking the rules

Crime and legal drama writers often struggle to develop authenticity in their stories. Authenticity is critical to keeping readers or viewers interested because they need to believe in your characters and your story. The world of criminal law has its own procedures, language, and rules. Knowing the rules of criminal law is essential to creating an authentic story. However, that […]

Teaching data entry to new employees

So everyone needs training, do we agree? Passed! Let’s go! Your new hire said he knew everything, typed a million words a minute, and was fast as a gun. After dividing up assignments and handing out materials, he found himself analyzing his performance only to discover that he believes they lack the fundamental skills needed to get the job done. […]

SQL window functions in data science interviews conducted by Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter and Uber

Window functions are a group of functions that will perform calculations on a set of rows related to your current row. They are considered sql advanced and are often asked during data science interviews. It is also used a lot at work to solve many different types of problems. Let’s summarize the 4 different types of window functions and explain […]

Great advertising with social networks – YouTube!

YouTube is one of the most underused platforms for many digital marketers. Despite many statistics clearly showing the profitability of video marketing, even many of the most prominent digital marketers on the web are shy about getting involved. Why is this? Simple: Many work-from-home marketers lack the resources, knowledge, or confidence to get involved in video marketing. But you know […]

7 Ways to Save ERP Implementation Costs and Reduce Risk

I have been delivering ERP implementations for over 20 years. Until recently, most of them were Visual Manufacturing (now an Infor product) or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. During the time that I have been implementing ERP many things have changed. The old “traditional” way was for very intense workouts; following through gaps for clients to “do homework”; followed by more intense […]

3 Easy Ways to Submit a Sitemap

Submitting a sitemap is one of the effective SEO practices, even if it is coded in HTML or XML. If you have a new website and want to be indexed by popular search engines right away, create and submit a sitemap. Here are the 3 easy ways to do it. 1. Generate a sitemap. If you’re done and want your […]

Article Directory Submission Tips – Article Submission Guidelines

Article Directory Submission Tips: Article Submission Guidelines There are a lot of article submission tips online, but most of it is for business purposes, and this article focuses on article submission guidelines: what to avoid when submitting articles to ensure your article gets published. A large number of articles submitted to article directories and ezines get rejected for various reasons, […]

Ecommerce Packages: This or That?

Cyberspace is flooded with all kinds of solutions that you can’t even imagine. With the growing trend of online e-commerce and shopping sites, the online market has become a battleground for countless e-commerce packages offered by major companies. These eCommerce packages are appealing when you don’t have the technical skills and enough funding to develop a custom solution. These eCommerce […]

An analysis of TS Eliot’s ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’ by Prufrock and other observations

TS Eliot is considered an extremely important modernist writer. He inaugurated a range of narrative and stylistic techniques that exerted a considerable influence on modernism in literature. This article explores the poem ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’, from Eliot’s poem. Prufrock and other observationsconcentrating mainly on the concept of time and how it appears in the poem. Time is undoubtedly […]

Marketing Communications Definitions

Marketing communication (MC) is the only way for companies to move products, services, and ideas from manufacturers to end users. Makes and maintains interaction with customers, prospects, retailers, and stakeholders. Marketing communication has a mix in which advertising and sales promotion play vital roles. MC types include advertising, public relations, and sales promotions. Of these, advertising broadens the marketing footprint […]