defeat mentality

The defeat mentality is one of the main tricks of the devil in this end time to rob Christians of the heavenly blessings and promises of their God. The greatest way to defeat is to defeat oneself (following one’s inclination or thought through human calculations) even before the situation or the enemy defeats one. Therefore, a Christian who is ready […]

Buyer’s Guide to Buying TVs

This article serves as a buyer’s guide to buying televisions and lists many of the considerations that should be taken into account when purchasing a new television. The first consideration to make when purchasing a new plasma or other HDTV is resolution. Newer technology TVs are built with a 1080p resolution, while older HDTVs have a 720p resolution. Higher resolution […]

Planning your memorable wedding

He has asked for your hand in marriage and you have finally said, “Yes.” Wow, what a fantastic feeling as this is the start of your new life as a couple. After the celebrations have passed and all your family and friends have showered you with congratulations and before that long-awaited big day, both of you have many decisions to […]

satellite tv programming guide

With more than 256 channels to choose from, satellite television programming offers many more television listings and viewing options than cable or over-the-air television. Satellite TV also gives you access to music channels, pay-per-view movies, sports packages, adult channels, and international programming. DISH Network satellite television programming DISH Network programming packages start at $31.99 per month. They also offer pay-per-view […]

Sprint Mobile Broadband coverage is great for road warriors

“With Sprint mobile broadband coverage, you can harness the power of the nation’s largest mobile broadband network. Reaching more than 230 million people (including roaming areas), the service is available in 218 markets major metropolitans and 1,002 coast-to-coast airports” You + Sprint + Car = Bonnie & Clyde. Sprint Mobile Broadband will be with you faithfully as you travel […]

The ten best games for children

It used to be that children’s games were easily classified. They had quirky mascot characters, were generally flat old-style games, and had bright, cheery settings. While many of these elements remain in children’s games today, there is a much wider variety of game styles for children to enjoy. The best thing about games for kids is that usually players of […]