4 benefits of using mobile dating apps

Mobile dating apps are a very popular type of technology that makes the dating world much less stressful. Although it is still possible to use old fashioned blind dates, speed dating and traditional online dating sites, the ability to use a mobile phone makes the whole process much easier. Here are several useful points related to mobile dating apps: They […]

The Best Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Gamers should switch to a different purchasing perspective when shopping for the best gaming laptops. The process requires careful study and evaluation of some features that can make many differences in use and enjoyment. While there are many aspects of the laptop that still need to be verified before hitting the buy button, there are three critical areas to consider […]

Pre-order culture and downloadable content – solved!

One of the biggest problems in games is the culture that has developed around downloadable content and pre-order video games. It has completely gotten out of control. These problems are actually two completely independent issues, overlapping significantly. The reason I am linking them is because they both have the same solution, which I will refer to later. Let’s start with […]

Racing scan tips and advice

I have been scanning racetracks for almost 25 years. Long before programmable handheld scanners, my first scan setup consisted of a big old Bearcat 250 mobile scanner attached to a huge 12 volt flashlight battery. The whole setup must have weighed 10 pounds and I had to carry it in a big camera bag! I guarantee you I was the […]

Become a better dancer with discipline

Discipline is a big part of every dancer’s success.. A dictionary definition states that discipline is orderly and prescribed conduct or an orderly pattern of behavior. It is what is known as self-control. Most of the things we do require us to use self-control in our active and diligent participation. Work, school, and even recreational activities advance when discipline comes […]

Dir-665 Xtreme N450: a high-performance router for smooth video streaming and gaming

DIR-665 D-Link Xtreme N450 is the first D-Link router to be labeled N450, which means that the router offers speeds of up to 450Mbps (in ideal conditions) by adopting 3×3 MIMO technology that uses three different data streams to enable very fast data transfer rates. Computers that are embedded with an enabled 450Mbps wireless adapter, such as laptops that are […]