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Date with girls, bars and fun in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a fantastic place and deserves a vacation if you have money and want a high-end life. It has some of the best bars and nightspots and all you need is liquid cash and nowhere in the world can offer you better. Men’s favorite sport is women and that applies to me too and I don’t recommend any better place to go crazy than Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Here, some of the high-end bars work all night and there is also a hefty entrance fee. A small pint of canned beer can set you back $12-$15, so be prepared to pay.

These are the best places to choose or make friends with the upper class of women. Europeans and Russians dominate and Ukrainian girls are not far behind. Do you want the company of a Muslim girl? Well this is the place but the Muslim girls you get here are not locals but girls who have come from Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Oman, Iran and are here because of the restrictions in their places. Here there is freedom and it is used to the maximum. Don’t be fooled by the hijab they wear, because they are more mercenary than others and before they strip for you, they will shave your bag and credit card and maybe you don’t mind that a Muslim girl is as exotic as ever. .

I’ve been to all the best bars here and naming them isn’t my cup of tea to hype them for nothing, but I will say there is one on the 52nd floor of the Shangrila Hotel and having some Chivas at that height with your girlfriend. it can be exotic. A view of the city beckons and there is a lovely DJ girl playing whatever you like and it can almost be like nirvana. There are at least a dozen such places in the United Arab Emirates, but be careful not to get drunk and drive. That could spoil everything, because the traffic police is not like in India.

You can’t think of a safer place than the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, but Dubai is a bit fancier as it has a higher number of wealthy expats. The name of the game is money and if you have it, it doesn’t get any better than the United Arab Emirates. Yes, tourists also abound and I have been surprised by the number of single women as tourists. Most come for a long stay and many come to heal their hearts, broken relationships and looking for love. They find? I can’t say but I once slept with a Ukrainian girl and my nude joint yoga lessons as taught by my guru in India were wonderful therapy for her.

The UAE is doing very well and the best part is that it is only a 3 hour flight from Mumbai and considering the Mumbai-Calcutta flight takes 2.40 hours it seems close. Where to go after vacation? You have to decide what you want and all I can say is that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are a wonderful place. Live and let live. That’s the motto, I wish the Indians could learn something from the atmosphere here.

If you are in need and want to mend your heart, go to the Mercure resort in the Jebel Hafeet mountains. Sipping a Scotch whiskey in the exotic bar high in the mountains is something to be savored. I love it and the last time I was there with my secretary turned out to be the most relaxing time of my life.

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