How Can Residents Make Changes to Their Student Accommodation?

Residents Make Changes to Their Student Accommodation

Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-range luxury student pad or something cheap and cheerful, Glasgow has accommodation to suit your budget. However, if you decide that your Glasgow student accommodation isn’t quite right for you, it’s important to know that you can make changes with very little fuss.

Students can decorate their rooms and apartments with paint, pictures, posters, and other decorative and expressive items. Students must be mindful of the condition of their rooms, suites, and apartments when putting up decorations and are responsible for any damage they cause. In addition, students must keep in mind that they share their residences with others, and are required to maintain a level of privacy that does not interfere with the rights of other residents.

In addition, students are not permitted to use cinder blocks in their Glasgow student accommodation or suites for any purpose, including elevating beds. Students who bring cinder blocks into campus residences may be subject to a room inspection, which can result in a room damage charge. Students must also be aware that any furniture left in common areas at the end of the year will incur a moving fee.

When a resident moves out of a residence, they must turn in all keys to their hall/area residence office and receive a key receipt. Failure to return all keys can result in a lock change charge. Students should check that their room is locked when they leave and should be sure that the bed, desk, or closet are completely empty. If a student discovers that they are locked out of their room, they should call their hall/area residence office or their resident assistant for assistance.

How Can Residents Make Changes to Their Student Accommodation?

Residents may have guests in their rooms, suites or apartments; however, they must escort their guests at all times and abide by guest policies (e.g. sign-in/sign-out procedures, maximum overnight stay limit of three consecutive nights 2 a.m – 8 a.m., etc). Residents are also responsible for their guests’ conduct and any damages that may occur as a result of cohabitation.

Walking down the corridors, you encounter an atmosphere abuzz with energy and passion. Study groups huddle in common areas, pouring over textbooks and notes, creating an environment of collective learning. The air is filled with the hum of intellectual curiosity, as students engage in stimulating debates, challenging one another’s perspectives and broadening their horizons.

For safety and security reasons, windows in dormitory-style residences and in apartment-style brownstones cannot be propped open. In addition, window screens and locks are provided for your protection, comfort, and security and must not be removed or moved.

The University reserves the right to enter residences for work orders, inspections, repairs, emergencies, housekeeping, or other reasonable purposes at any time. In addition, the University reserves the right to reassign or relocate students at any time. Such reassignment or relocation does not release students from their financial obligations for the term of their License.

Students who are unable to live in their assigned accommodations due to illness or injury are obligated to contact Student Housing and Dining Services for assistance in finding a new location for their accommodation. Student Housing and Dining Services will take into consideration all reasonable requests and attempt to reasonably accommodate them as quickly as possible. However, the availability of accommodations will vary at different times and locations in the University’s residence system.

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