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Mobile marketing for bridal companies

The wedding industry generates $40 billion each year in this country, and while there are few more beautiful places to exchange wedding vows than the gorgeous South Carolina coast, many Myrtle Beach businesses fail to advertise their services effectively. The lack of visible and accessible information on wedding vendors forces couples to do their own research and leaves many area businesses in the dark. How can you make sure your business isn’t one of them?

One of the problems for Myrtle Beach brides and grooms is that there isn’t enough comprehensive, centralized information. Although there are some websites and publications, the information is often scattered and incomplete. No one offers comprehensive, complete listings with photos, package prices, website links, and full contact information. Brides want to see photos and prices, and they want complete contact information at their fingertips. Most brides do all of their planning within the first few months of their engagement, so getting your business on their radar quickly is the key to getting your services.

be competitive
While referrals are a great way to get the word out about your business, you can’t rely on referrals alone, especially with the increasing influx of people moving to South Carolina from the northern and midwestern states, the most of whom don’t have the local contacts for trusted references. To stay competitive with the many area florists, musicians, photographers, and wedding service providers, a website is a must. Very few brides walk into a store without having previously researched and evaluated. Anything you can do to help a prospective customer learn about your business before they make your list of must-see vendors will increase your chances of being chosen. If you’re a florist or photographer, create a website that showcases your work and list “packages” and prices on your site so you have an idea of ​​what to expect and order.

If you run a hotel or resort, include tantalizing information about your reception offerings, but don’t forget that even brides who choose other venues can still take advantage of your other services, like reduced hotel group rates for out-of-town guests. or space for rehearsal dinners, showers, and engagement parties. There are dozens of businesses in the area competing with you for bridal business, so if your only marketing is a phone book listing, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to get any new clients through the door.

Be creative
Once you have a website, think about what you can do to stay, not even with your rivals, but ahead of them. Consider a targeted email or text message (SMS) campaign to send alerts and discounts to newly engaged. Focus some of your marketing on the many young men and women who use mobile websites and are more receptive to text message marketing. Invite people to participate in a text-based campaign to receive special alerts and discounts delivered to their cell phones that aren’t available anywhere else. Also, design a website that is customized for desktop and mobile use so customers can get all their information whenever and wherever they are. With over 45 million smartphone users in the US, a site customized for mobile use will have huge market reach and put you a big step ahead of your competition.

According to a recent article in Mobile Commerce Daily, one-third of Americans who currently opt for mobile campaigns say such campaigns affect their decision to visit a store, and 27 percent report that their purchases are influenced.

With the number of smartphone users growing to approximately 20% of all mobile phone owners, and text messaging enabled on nearly every mobile phone available, tech-savvy brides and grooms are particularly accustomed to information. fast and accurate data that is available on the go. Put your store and services directly in their hands.

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