Oneida “Dotty” Dinnerware – Simple and Timeless

I had been looking for new dinnerware for a few weeks. She wanted something white and simple enough so that she could easily dress up for various gatherings and holidays. This Oneida set certainly fits those bills. The pieces are all very elegant and stylish, and the design is sure to please those who want a timeless pattern. The set came with 12 of each: dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers. It also includes a serving bowl, a plate and a bowl for cream and sugar.

Stoneware has a nice weight to it, not too heavy and certainly not light. All the pieces stack nicely and as compactly as possible. The color is not a true bright white, but more of a creamy white, which I like. Dinner plates have considerable space for food, as do salad/dessert plates. The dots on the salad plates don’t stand out as much as the other pieces and I wonder why, but it doesn’t take away from the beauty. The bowls are shallow and hold no more than a serving of starter soup, so if you’re looking for substantial bowls, these aren’t for you. I don’t mind because I have a few other bowls that I will use for that purpose. As salad bowls, they would be perfect. The mugs, which I didn’t plan to keep because I have a collection of mugs that I love, are my favorite pieces. They are dainty and perfect for serving a small cup of coffee or tea after dinner, so I plan on keeping them. The saucers can also function as appetizer plates.

There are a few issues that might concern some. I wonder if these are considered seconds or irregular because the frosting on some pieces doesn’t seem to cover the entire plate. I find it’s not a big deal because it’s around the bottom edges and doesn’t affect the look in any way. The only way to tell is by rubbing your hand along the edge and you can feel the bare stoneware in very small areas. Also, I did notice some pockmarks when the dish is rotated to catch the light properly. Again, not a big deal for me as I don’t think my guests will study the plates.

They have been run through the dishwasher several times and I cannot report any problems. Storing them in the cupboard for the first time, I hit a plate pretty hard and, luckily or because of the quality, it didn’t chip. As far as microwaving, I wonder if any dish these days is really microwave safe? I tasted a salad plate for a minute and it was quite hot to the touch, especially on the bottom; not so much on the edge of the plate.

I bought this device on the Oneida site. Based on the reviews I’ve read, their service is good. None of my parts arrived broken so I didn’t have to contact them to replace them. The game came in a large box with a large bubble wrap that protected the contents inside. I suggest being home for this heavy delivery so they can bring the loaded dolly straight to your kitchen. It will save your back for sure! My complaint with the order itself is that the processing seems to take longer than other places I order online. I placed the order on the 10th of the month and finally received a shipping notification on the 15th. The item arrived on the 20th, way ahead of time. In the end, the wait was worth it, as was the $64.99* I paid for the big game. My money was definitely well spent!

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