Order! – A free Bible activity for your elementary school children

Knowing the order of the different stories in the Bible shouldn’t just be for seminary scholars. Our children should also be becoming familiar with the amazing Word of God. Try this fun and free Bible activity to help your children learn the order of stories in the Bible. I call it “Command!”

This is what you do:

This activity will require some preparation, however, you will find that the time you invest will be well worth it. I have provided you with a list of 12 sets of different Bible stories within the Old Testament, beginning with Creation and ending with Nehemiah calling Israel to rebuild the temple. This game will be more effective and attractive if you can find real images that represent the essence of each story. You can actually do this quite easily by going online and searching Google for: Bible story pictures or even Bible story coloring pages. You can also use a children’s bible and cut out the different images. Within each set of story images, place the ordinal number on the back of each one. For example, in the first set of stories, Creation would be the first, Adam and Eve disobeying God the second, Cain and Abel the third, and Noah’s Ark the fourth. However, make sure that the numbers do not show on the other side. Regardless of the type of images you choose, be sure to laminate them for long-term use. This will be a game you will want to play many times as your children learn the order of the Bible story. Once you have all your pictures, now make signs out of index cards or another type of paper that say: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Laminate these too. Finally, you will need a table or pocket chart on which you can show your pictures and the ordinal numbers so that children can put them in the correct order.

This is how to play this free Bible activity:

Tell your children the following: The Bible story is very important. It helps us to know God. In fact, the story is His-History of him. God has a beginning and an end to this life on earth and each one of us plays apart. The people in the Bible were just as important as we are and it is crucial that we know what happened in the Bible and when. So, let’s play “Command!”

First, let’s divide the class into two teams. I am going to place 4 pictures of different Bible stories on the table. They will not be in order. It will be your team’s job to put them in order. For each story you place in the correct order, your team will earn 100 points. With each set of stories, I’ll help you get started by asking you a multiple choice question. If you get it right, you’ll automatically earn 100 points for your team, and then you can choose one of the other images from the story and place it in the correct order. It will be up to you to guess in which order the other 3 stories belong. However, every guess could be the last. Once you make an incorrect guess, the player who was guessing will have to sit down. I will reveal the correct order of the stories. Then it will be the next team’s turn for a new set of stories. Remember, for every story that is correct, you earn 100 points for your team. Let’s play!

Lay the first set of 4 images on the table with the ordinal numbers to one side. Ask a boy from the first team to come up and ask him question #1 from the list below. I’ve made the questions easy to answer so kids are rewarded with instant success. If the child answers correctly, put the question picture in its correct ordinal place. Now you can choose one image from the remaining 3 and guess which ordinal place it should go to. With each success, earn 100 points.

Below you will find all 12 Bible story sets along with multiple choice questions.

bible story sets

1. 1st – Creation, 2nd – Adam and Eve disobey God, 3rd – Cain and Abel, 4th – Noah’s Ark

2. 1st – Noah’s Ark, 2nd – The Tower of Babel, 3rd – God gives his promise to Abraham, 4th – Abraham offers Isaac as a sacrifice

3. 1st – Isaac marries Rebekah, 2nd – Jacob deceives Esau, 3rd – Jacob dreams of angels, 4th – Jacob marries Leah and Rachel

4. 1st – Joseph’s coat of many colors, 2nd – Joseph’s dreams, 3rd – Joseph sold as a slave, 4th – Joseph helps his brothers

5. 1st – The Israelites are made slaves in Egypt, 2nd – Pharaoh’s daughter meets Moses, 3rd – Moses meets God at the burning bush, 4th – 10 plagues in Egypt

6. 1st – The Israelites leave Egypt, 2nd – The Israelites cross the Red Sea, 3rd – The Israelites are fed with manna and quail, 4th – The Israelites receive the 10 commandments

7. 1st – Moses gives the 10 commandments, 2nd – The Israelites make a golden calf, 3rd – God draws water from a rock, 4th – The Israelites complain to God

8. 1st – Joshua and Caleb explore Canaan, 2nd – The walls of Jericho collapse, 3rd – Gideon fights the Midianites, 4th – Samson and Delilah

9. 1st – Naomi and Ruth, 2nd – God calls Samuel, 3rd – Saul is made king, 4th – Samuel anoints David as king

10. 1st – David and Goliath, 2nd – David and Jonathan, 3rd – Solomon asks for wisdom, 4th – Solomon builds the temple

11. 1st – Elijah fed by ravens, 2nd – The widow of Zarephath, 3rd – Elijah on Mount Carmel, 4th – Elijah taken to heaven

12. 1st – Jonah and the whale, 2nd – 3 children in a fiery furnace, 3rd – Esther becomes queen, 4th – Nehemiah rebuilds the temple

12 questions

1. If you have a brother or sister you probably have fought. Unfortunately, fighting has been around since the beginning of time and Adam and Eve had two children who had some problems. One of the sons became very jealous of his brother and even killed him!

What Bible story am I talking about?

A.David and Jonathan

B.Cain and Abel

C. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

2. I know it sounds crazy, but this true story is actually about people who thought they could build a tower to the sky. God was not happy with this proud company and therefore gave everyone a different language. There was a lot of babbling!

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. The Tower of Babel

B. The Eiffel Tower

C. Solomon’s Temple

3. What would you do if after your wedding you found out that you married the wrong person? Well, believe it or not, this happened to Jacob. He was tricked and therefore ended up marrying 2 women!

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. Jacob marries Lucy and Ethel

B. Jacob marries Sarah and Hagar

C. Jacob marries Leah and Rachel

4. Have you ever received something really special from a parent? The boy in this Bible story did. It was a beautiful coat made especially for him. Hmm… I wonder if his brother got jealous.

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. Moses and the 10 Commandments

B. Joseph and his coat of many colors

C. David and his slingshot

5. Cows dying! Blood-soaked water and swarms of grasshoppers! No, it’s not the latest horror movie. They are the plagues that God brought to Egypt. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad I wasn’t there! And you?

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. The 10 plagues of Egypt

B. The 10 Commandments

C. The 10 Little Indians

6. Slavery is horrible! The Israelites knew this to be very true. For years and years they prayed for God to deliver them from Egypt and finally one day it happened. Through Moses; obedience the children of God were finally able to leave Egypt.

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. Abraham departs for the promised land

B. The Israelites leave Egypt

C. Animals leave Noah’s ark

7. While Moses was receiving the 10 Commandments from God, the Israelites were breaking the first and second laws – you shall have no other gods before me and you shall not make yourself an idol. But there they were in the desert making and worshiping a golden calf. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. The Israelites make hamburgers.

B. The Israelites complain to God

C. The Israelites make a golden calf

8. Do you think it is possible for a really small army to win over a really big army? It is if God is in charge. And in this story, Gideon trusted God as he and his small army of soldiers fought against the Midianites.

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. Gideon fights against the Midianites

B. David fights Goliath

C. Daniel fights with lions

9. Samuel the priest was given a very important job to do. He was given the honor of anointing the next king of Israel. But Samuel was surprised that God had chosen the youngest of 12 brothers to be king. But God knew what he was doing!

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. Solomon is anointed King of Israel

B. David is anointed king of Israel

C. Bugs Bunny is anointed King of Israel

10. Have you ever had a best friend? You know, someone you trust and can tell all your secrets. David had a best friend. His name was Jonathan and he helped David save his life.

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. David fights Goliath

B. David in the lions’ den

C. David and Jonathan are friends

11. Did you know that there is a Biblical story about a man who never died? It is true! He went straight to heaven without dying. In fact, this man was taken to heaven in a chariot of fire.

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. Elijah taken to heaven

B. Joseph taken to prison

C. Elijah taken to Mount Carmel

12. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought this Bible story was a bit “fishy.” But then again, if you were trapped inside a whale, it would be very smelly and fishy too!

What Bible story am I talking about?

A. Moby Dick

B. Jonah and the whale

C. The Little Mermaid

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