FASB Proposed Lease Accounting Changes – Impacts on Commercial Real Estate

Introduction: The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on August 17, 2010 published its “exposure draft” that requires companies to record nearly all leases on their balance sheets as a “right of use” asset and a “payment. future lease – corresponding liability “. . What does this mean for your business in simple terms? In essence, this proposal eliminates operating leases; […]

How to play the Pokémon Go game and when will it be released in Asian countries like the Philippines?

Many netizens were eager to experience travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon, especially here in the Philippines. John Hanke, the founder of Niantic, the game’s developer, stated that he does not want to limit the availability of the game. The game was mainly released in European countries, however they certainly fixed some server issues with […]

A common foot problem for runners and how to avoid it

Running is a great way to exercise and improve your overall health, and it’s an enjoyable activity in many seasons, but it’s also hard on your feet if you’re not running properly or wearing the right shoes. Today we are going to talk about metatarsalgia (met-uh-tahr-SAL-juh), the ball of the foot becomes painful and inflamed, a common overuse injury. No […]

The West Highland White Terrier – Typical Characteristics

It was on the Isle of Skye that the Scots divided their dog breeds into two categories: Skye terriers and Dandie Dinmont terriers. The latter category was declared a completely separate breed of dog and the West Highland White Terrier was found to belong to the Skyes. A West Highland White Terrier is commonly called a ‘Westie’ in Scotland and […]

Meal of Week 37 – Lasagna Rolls

Food of the week: Turkey lasagna rolls with salad Leftover food idea: Muffin melts This is a fun way to enjoy lasagna but in a more individualized way that will help keep your calorie count down while also helping you stay focused on healthy nutrition. Even though the serving size and ingredients are a little different than usual, that in […]

Irish charm: things to do and see in Ireland

With green hills, charm and a rich culture, Ireland is full of wonderful things to do and see. Whether you are traveling to Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland, there is an overwhelming amount of activities and ancient monuments on such a small island. Dublin Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is full of Irish charm and culture. There are numerous bus […]