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The Home Gym Weight Dilemma: Dumbbells or Weight Machines for My New Home Gym?

Dumbbells and weight machines are typical items in home gyms. But when people choose exercise equipment for their new home gyms, they get some outrageous ideas. Let’s tackle those silly debates and get to the facts, so you can make informed decisions.


Confusion: I will need a large set of dumbbells to do a complete workout. That will cost a lot and take up too much space.

Truth: Dumbbells have finally been revolutionized with the new ‘selector dumbbells’. They take up less space and cost a lot less than traditional pairs of weights.

Instead, a single pair of selector dumbbells is compact enough to be a great addition to a home gym setup.

Confusion: Won’t I get bulky if I use dumbbells? I don’t want to build muscle. I just want to tone up.

Truth: Only if your genetics have given you extra testosterone, or if you spend hours a day practicing bodybuilding methods, could you look bulky using dumbbells.

Instead, your dumbbell exercises will give you that sexy, curvy look. Your metabolism will increase like crazy and your bones will get stronger too.

Weight machines.

Confusion: Won’t dumbbells and weights cost less than weight machines?

Truth: you are not buying equipment by parts. Total costs should be based on the total exercises you will be doing. Modern weight machines have sleek, efficient designs and plenty of exercise options.

Instead, consider buying a weight machine that offers upper and lower body exercises.

Confusion: Weight machines don’t offer the best workout because you work your muscles one at a time instead of grouping them.

Truth: The latest weight machines are designed to work your muscles more dynamically than before. They simulate a real movement. They work the muscles in a natural and effective way.

Instead of buying the old-fashioned models, consider the newer styles that offer the best of free-weight movements using stacked weights and handle accessories.

Have the best of both worlds.

Modern equipment designs allow us to have more equipment, occupying less space in the home, for lower costs. And they give a much better workout than their old predecessors.

A pair of selector dumbbells and a functional training unit will give you endless training options. Together, they can give you the toned body you want!

Instead of choosing one or the other, remember: getting toned will never happen with a single product, a habit, an exercise, or a piece of equipment!

Like any other successful program in your life, you should keep it fun and challenging with a variety of tools!

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