The path of enlightenment

Enlightenment is not a goal that we must reach or achieve. It is the way. It is the mirage you will keep trying to reach, and the closer you get, the further it will go. I think enlightened people are not, so to speak, “enlightened”, they just decided to walk the path of enlightenment, which is a difficult decision.

So what does it take to decide to walk this way? It takes a firm “NO”, a firm “NO” to the desires that feed our superficial ego over our essential self, our true spirit. Although, apparently, enlightenment involves suppressing our needs, enlightenment and force cannot unite. Seekers of enlightenment today, in a world controlled by a materialistic paradigm, should fight against the ego that is being empowered by the media, society, etc.

What we really need to facilitate this fight is to decide to take special time with God / Source every day. Meditate, pray, whatever you do to be connected to your source, just be silent, as silence is the language of the source. Silence is our essential voice. Try to get a quiet place without outside light or sound. Listen to your inner voice and enjoy your inner light. Afterwards you will not need to find a quiet place. You will take it with you. You will be able to hear the silence even at a rap concert. You can see the darkness even in front of the disco lights.

Silence and meditation help you to get away from the ego feeders until you kill it completely, then the ego feeders are irrelevant as there is nothing to feed.

One final note is that lighting is not adding something you don’t have. It is eliminating what you don’t need and living up to who you really are.

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