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There are interesting and exciting places to see while traveling in Puerto Rico

For your next travel destination, head to the island of Puerto Rico where you will simply enjoy the many tours that are available there for your sightseeing pleasures. There is so much to see and do while you spend your time having fun with all of the Puerto Rico tours.

You can just relax as you float on the ocean on a leisurely catamaran sailing to Icacos, which is located just south of San Juan. There you will see many miles of white sand beaches with beautiful blue waters. During a tour, you will be able to search the island, sunbathe, collect shells, or if you wish, simply swim along the shores.

You can also see the wonders of the water underwater where you will find living coral reefs. You will be offered a picnic lunch along with a piña colada, which will be served to you by the crew members on the boat. The tour will take you sailing by catamaran to the uninhabited island of Icacos.

Luquillo Beach is a very large crescent of white sand lined with coconut palms along with the view of El Yunque Mountain as a backdrop. You will trek through cool mountainous rainforest, which is home to uniquely preserved plant and animal life.

On the coast of Luquillo beach you can see a lot of marine life and many tropical fish as well. Luquillo Beach is located on the northeast coast and is known as the best on the island with a popular public stretch of very calm water coupled with golden colored sand.

Enjoy a guided tour of the Bacardi building, known as the largest rum distillery in the world. There you can sample the products and even take home some liquid souvenirs. From there you can visit some preserved Spanish colonial cities.

The entire city of San Juan is known as a historic site which is something you won’t want to miss. While visiting the old city, you can stroll through the old cobblestone streets and visit the museums, fortresses and churches that make San Juan a wonderful attraction.

If you love the deep sea, you will simply enjoy the experience in some of the best sport fishing waters in the world. You can take a full day or half day deep sea fishing charter where you will be ready for a luxury cruise and also the chance to catch and fish for a sailfish, tuna, dorado or even a blue marlin.

A trip to Puerto Rico simply isn’t complete without exploring the depths of an ancient cave known to be a million years old. You will visit the Parque de las Cuevas del Río Camuy. This tour will take you directly from San Juan to the third largest underground cavern in the world.

You will certainly enjoy a tour of the wonders from sinkholes to cathedral like caverns and then you can see a mysterious river with its eons – ancient stalactites and also its stalagmites. You will find this tour quite interesting.

For your next trip, consider a visit to Puerto Rico to see some of the many fascinating and interesting places you’ll never see during the many tours the beautiful island has to offer.

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