Toys for children: why building blocks are such a popular toy

Building blocks are one of the few children’s toys that all children love at some point in their youth. In fact, one of the leading producers of building blocks is the fifth largest toymaker in the world and has been named “Toy of the Century” on two separate occasions. Boys and girls, toddlers or teenagers, everyone loves these little building blocks to varying degrees. But why? What is it about them that makes them so irresistible to children?

Designed to encourage creativity in children and with figures that boast that children around the world spend 5 billion hours playing with them, the leading manufacturers of building blocks claim that you can make 900 million different combinations with just six blocks. of 8-pipe bricks.

o Probably the number one reason building blocks are so popular is their diversity. The sheer potential of being able to build anything from these little bricks makes it attractive to start with.

o Children of different ages can enjoy the same brick game. Older children don’t consider it a “kid’s toy” nor do younger children consider it out of reach.

o Although the actual bricks remain the same, as a child grows so does the complexity of their creations, so it is not a toy that will lose its appeal over time.

o There is an element of pride in creating something unique and unusual that stands out when building blocks are used.

o It is a unisex appeal toy, perfect for both boys and girls.

o It’s portable: Carry a smaller collection of bricks with you to keep your child entertained on the go, on a plane, or at a friend’s house.

And for parents, building blocks are as durable a toy as there is. They last children through infancy and can even be passed down from generation to generation unharmed by decades of use. They are also excellent value for money as they never lose their appeal and can be used by more than one child simultaneously.

When it comes to toys, building blocks can’t go wrong.

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