What questions will have the most impact in an audio interview?

To get the maximum impact from your audio, you need to make sure your interview matches your market. You want to think, what is the purpose of the interview? People listening to it are hearing things they really want to know about, and that’s why you have to do your research. That’s why you have to use an Ask campaign. That’s why you want to dig deeper when you’re searching the book indexes on Amazon or when you’re searching for websites. You’re looking at the bullets.

You absolutely have to be a good listener. Not intervening. Let them do most of the talking, which is fine, just ask the questions and shut up.

One thing you definitely don’t want to leave behind is a call to action. You want to tell your listener what to do, not just at the end. You may want to tell them what to do fifteen minutes after the interview. You may want to tell them what to do thirty minutes after the interview, and you may want to tell them what to do right before the end of the interview.

You want to make an offer. You want it to be risk free. You want to direct them to a website. He wants them to pick up a phone and call him. So, call to action, at the end of that interview, what do you want the listener to do? Tell them what to do. That you should never let go.

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