World of Warcraft Secrets: Is Your Gear Good Enough?

As you start to head to the higher levels and start thinking about the content of the end game, you may notice one thing, other players suddenly become very picky about the type of equipment you have.

World of Warcraft Secrets: Equipment for Higher Levels.

At level 20 or so, no one cared if you were prepared to enter Deadmines or not, especially if you had a higher-level friend or guild member to go through it. Reach level 80, though, and suddenly you’ll find that people want to know your gear rank and stats if you want to even think about participating in that raid invitation to Naxx or Ulduar. For some players this creates a Catch 22, you need the best gear to get into the higher tier raids and heroic acts, but most of the best gear only falls on the higher tier raids and heroic acts.

Four useful World of Warcraft secrets.

(1) At this point, it helps to have a friend or guild member who knows tailoring, leatherworking, or armor smithing, depending on your particular armor needs.

(2) Have enough gold to buy what you need.

(3) You could run with your guild, assuming you have enough players with the patience to run multiple instances with multiple sweeps to get everyone ready.

(4) Or there is always the infamous PUG, looking for 4 other random characters to fill out his party who are also looking to get ready, and risk wipes, ninjas, and some unfriendly gameplay.

Once your team is good enough, you can expect to start making friends and joining the big raids, but what is good enough?

Here’s a review of the stats.

Statistics, also known as attributes, define your character. Most level 80s will know what attributes they need, even if they are not 100% sure how they work. However, it’s worth checking out just to jog everyone’s memory.

Note that each class will have a basic set of statistics. For example, a rogue will have more basic agility than a wizard, who will have more basic intellect. From there, players can increase their stats based on how they want to play the game and what their primary role is. For example, Druids are quite flexible characters and can function as both DPS and launchers. A player who wants to focus on casting will be looking for intellect, spirit, and spell power, while a player who wants to focus on the wild combat form of DPS will likely be looking for strength, stamina, and agility.

A brief summary of the World of Warcraft secrets of the main statistics.

  • Agility: Increases attack power with ranged weapons excluding wands and some melee weapons, increases armor, increases critical strike chance, increases chance to dodge attacks. Armor Penetration: Reduces the target’s armor.
  • Attack Power: Increases the damage of an equipped weapon.
  • Block: Ability to block melee and ranged attacks.
  • Critical Hit: Increases the chance for attacks to critically hit.
  • Defense: increases defense skill.
  • Dodge: Increases the chance to dodge melee attacks.
  • Experience: Reduces the chance that enemies will dodge or parry your attacks.
  • Haste: Decreases the amount of time between attacks just for weapon speed.
  • Health Regeneration: Increases the amount of health restored every five seconds.
  • Hit: Increases the chance of melee weapons hitting the target.
  • Intellect: Increases Mana Points, Increases Critical Hit Chance With Spells, Increases Mana Regeneration, Provides Attack Power For Shamans, Increases Weapon Skill Learning Rate.
  • Mana Regeneration: Increases the amount of mana restored every five seconds.
  • Parry: Increases the chance to parry melee attacks.
  • Ranged Attack Power: Increases the damage of bows, crossbows and pistols.
  • Stamina: decreases the chance to receive critical hits.
  • Resistance: decreases the damage taken from these types of magic attacks.
  • Spell Critical Chance: Increases the chance that a spell will critically hit.
  • Spell Strike: Increases the chance that spells will hit.
  • Spell Penetration: Reduces the target’s resistance.
  • Spell Power: Increases damage and healing from spells.
  • Spirit – Increases Health and Mana Regeneration, Increases Spell Power for Warlocks, Increases Spell Critical Strike for certain Mages.
  • Stamina: provides additional hit points.
  • Strength: Increases attack power with melee weapons, improves block value, and increases parry rating.
  • Weapon Damage: Increases the damage dealt by a weapon.

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