Ness Notes (May 22)

This year’s NBA conference semifinals have seen three of four seven-game series (the Heat beat the Nets in five games), after none of the four conference semifinals went past six games on last year. It’s actually pretty unusual for so many series to go this long, so early in the playoffs. My free play is with the Chi Cubs over […]

The real cost of the iPhone closed platform

By now you’re no doubt familiar with Apple’s closed OS X platform available on the iPhone, which prevents third-party software from being created for the device. In fact, he may be encouraged by the fact that the device will offer future software titles through the easy-to-use iTunes stores. However, he may also not realize that Apple is closing the door […]

Why Overcoming Your Music Career Competition Is Simple, Here’s How It’s Done

Complete this 5-second music career test: True or false: To get all the music career opportunities you want, you have to beat the competition tones. True or false: To be truly successful in the music business, you must beat thousands of competitors. Both statements are completely false! The music business really isn’t full of shades of competition. Music companies are […]

What is the best material for wooden shutters?

Wood is a classic material when used in the manufacture of shutters. You don’t go into the store and pick out the first wooden shutters you find. Wood offers numerous options that will define your choice of shutters and your experience of use. Each variety of wood provides different properties that will define your experience. There are strengths and weaknesses […]

How to put an ATV for sale

When you have large items taking up space in the garage, the natural inclination is to sell them. In the age of the Internet, putting items like an ATV for sale has changed dramatically. A small print ad in the newspaper or a billboard just won’t get the job done in a timely manner. When you want to sell an […]

Small Business Valuation – EBITDA Vs SDE

Income, assets, and market are the three most popular approaches used to value a business. This article will focus on the different types of income used within the income methodology. Under the income approach, businesses are valued based on the profit the business generates. Buyers are more concerned with the amount of income that would be available to them if […]

How to use a race record to improve your race

Your race logbook can be one of the most effective tools you have in your quest to become the best runner you can be. Below, you’ll learn exactly what should be included in your race record and how that information will help you reach your race goals without getting injured. If the day was dedicated to training, include: 1. Date […]

Virtual Assistant Tips for Success

Virtual Assistant Tips for Success Virtual assistance has become one of the most exciting and rewarding home-based businesses. What a privilege it is to be a part of such an evolving industry that is continually growing and offering new opportunities and rewards for those entering the business as well as veteran professionals. Marketing your virtual assistant business can be a […]