MIT Technology Review Concern Over WARF’s Patent Rights Lawsuit From CIRM On Stem Cells Is Misplaced

On April 24, an article in MIT Technology Review described the immediate concern over the Wisconsin / WARF / Thomson patents on stem cells as how patents will affect basic academic research, which, in turn, could affect the development of stem cell-based tools and therapies. The article mentioned a possible tactic by the state of California to ensure cooperation between […]

What makes a gift basket the perfect gift

Mention the words “gift basket” and most people envision the soft cello-wrapped wicker basket filled with apples and pears, topped with a bow that became popular in the 1940s and 1950s. Although baskets containing mainly fruits are still popular, today there are more themed or personalized baskets. Themed or personalized gift baskets are perfect for every occasion and individual and […]

How to sit at the piano

Sit up straight facing the center of the piano. Place your feet flat on the floor. If your feet do not reach the floor, it helps to have a stool or books under them when you practice, but it is not absolutely necessary. Sit high enough to reach the keys easily. Do you have a piano stool or chair at […]

The ketogenic diet and you: is it a good fit?

The ketogenic diet has been described as the greatest dietary sensation, ever, in the nutrition industry. So it’s worth investigating for that reason alone. A ketogenic diet is very high in fat (around 75%), moderate in protein (around 20%), and very low in carbohydrates (around 5%). It is intended to put the body into a state of ketosis. In ketosis, […]

Colon Cleansing in Teens – If You’re a Teen, Here’s What You Need to Know!

There have been numerous cases in which teenagers have openly complained about their abdominal ailments. There have also been cases where healthy teenagers have been suddenly affected by constipation, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and bloating. Do you know why this happens? Well, the reason is quite simple: your colon is full of toxic waste. So how do you clean it? […]

How to keep chickens as indoor pets for kids

Chickens roaming the house, you say! Impossible! But it is very possible. In fact, chickens make excellent indoor pets for your children. They take up little space, cost only “chicken feed” to maintain, and provide endless hours of entertainment for your children and friends. You can even choose a bantum or a small breed, about a quarter to half the […]

The case for hiring a real estate attorney

“Why would I pay for something when I can do it myself, for free?” That’s the question most people ask when someone suggests hiring a real estate attorney. Here are five compelling reasons to rethink this research. 1. Contracts are complex There is absolutely nothing to stop buyers and sellers from negotiating the terms of a deal on their own. […]

Prepare your home for “yourself”

Many people have a horizon of when they will sell their homes. It could be a year, two years, or five years. The family is growing up and they need bigger rooms … the kids are getting older and they want to downsize … the house is too big as they get older … Florida is attractive … or whatever […]