How to select a good restaurant for dinner

Good food is something everyone wants. Dining out has become a major trend these days. You rarely find families eating at home on weekends, as long waiting lists for tables at restaurants have become a common phenomenon. Going out to eat is easy, fast and fun. Whether it’s a family reunion, a business lunch or a children’s birthday party, people […]

Famous Supernatural Events in 19th-Century America

Supernatural or paranormal events have long been a newsworthy topic, attracting the attention of believers and skeptics alike. It seems that when something seemingly inexplicable happens, especially when it comes to mysterious circumstances like ghosts, it’s not long before the neighbors start talking, newspaper articles start popping up, and soon the story becomes something of a legend. . Over the […]

Dublin as a destination for stag or hen parties

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, and as a destination for stag/hen parties it is perfect. Quickly becoming one of the most popular weekend destinations in Europe, Dublin is constantly bustling with residents and tourists from all corners of the world. With many of the low cost airlines such as easyjet and flybe flying to and from Dublin and a […]

How Many Days Are Enough For Azerbaijan?

Days Are Enough For Azerbaijan How many days are enough for Azerbaijn? A two-week itinerary would be adequate for exploring Baku and its surroundings. But if you are looking for more freedom, you might want to consider a seven-day itinerary. This would give you plenty of time to visit Baku, the Garasu Volcano, and the Gobustan, an archaeological reserve. The […]

What is a Tour Broker and how to become one

A person who operates a tourism business is a broker. A broker is an intermediary. Brokers buy or arrange items or services and sell them to the ultimate buyer. Some examples of intermediaries are: Independent insurance agents. These agents do not offer insurance; arrange insurance for you from an insurance company. Insurance agents typically receive a commission from an insurance […]

5 reasons to visit Phuket

Phuket is an island province belonging to the country of Thailand. It is the largest island in Thailand and has a smaller area only than Singapore. Its economy is mainly based on tourism and rightly so. Phuket is a place that is full of history and exotic culture. Five reasons to visit Phuket: 1. Spirituality If you believe in divinity […]

Pet-friendly hotels with over-the-top pet pampering

As pet lovers, we know it’s not a vacation if we don’t bring the four-legged member of our family! Vacations are all about enjoying time together, relaxing and de-stressing. Selecting the right pet-friendly hotel or accommodation will make or break your vacation with your dog or cat. Not all pet-friendly hotels and accommodations are the same. Did you know that […]

Accra Focus Geographically

Ghana’s capital, Accra, is the country’s largest metropolitan city with a population of over 4 million. On average, up to 2 million passengers on flights to Accra like British Airways come to Kotoka International Airport each year. With a history of being held prisoner by the British, Dutch and Danes, this city is packed into a compact 200 square kilometer […]