Attractive places to visit for travelers in Namibia

Located in South Africa, Namibia is known for its contrasting landscapes. The terrain varies from coastal desert to mountains and plateau. Essentially, it is a desert country. Such a contrasting structure especially fascinates travelers who are interested in natural attractions. The Namibian landscape generally consists of four geographic areas and each area has its own characteristic conditions: Northern Namibia, which […]

Mornington Peninsula – the bays are waiting!

Being surrounded by water creates unique marine experiences on the Mornington Peninsula. This small peninsula to the south-east of Melbourne offers a mind-boggling array of sea activities: there are picturesque rocky coastlines leading to beautiful rolling hills, there are pebble beaches, and there is sand. There are sheltered beaches, there are open beaches, and there are beach resorts and vacation […]

Choosing the best restaurant POS software solutions

Making decisions is not an easier task if we do not have information or knowledge about something. When you are armed with the right technology knowledge, you gain an advantage over your competitors and compete more efficiently. What helps restaurant business to process orders quickly and deliver early is POS software designed specifically for restaurants on a custom basis. This […]

Irish pubs: a reason to travel

If you’re going to Ireland, make sure you set aside some time to spend in some traditional Irish pubs. While they’re not generally considered the cutting edge of fine dining, there’s nowhere else in the world where you’ll find the kind of warmth that emulates these locally owned and operated “public houses.” Contrary to popular belief, there is plenty of […]

Wealth formula that can never fail

A question that keeps coming up in my interaction with some of my readers over the past year is: “What can I do to earn a steady income and stop depending on people?” Every time someone asks me this question, it makes me think. I turn the question around and ask, “Is there a wealth creation formula, one that can […]

Enjoy the Koh Yao islands of Thailand

Thailand, one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, offers a wide variety of experiences, fun activities and must-see places for any tourist or traveler. A must-see is Koh Yao Noi, a small island in Phang Nga Bay between Krabi and Phuket. Although billed as Thailand’s last untouched island and a haven for those seeking peaceful tranquility, […]

Nutrition for Fat Loss: Start Losing Weight With These 8 Simple Nutrition Tips

There is a lot of confusion about how and what to eat in this country. That’s not surprising when you consider that a search for nutrition books on returns over 50,000 books! Are there really 50,000 ways to eat? Possibly, but my opinion is that effective nutrition programs tend to have more similarities than differences. Let’s put differences aside […]