The Cost of Waiting to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not something that people look forward to and because this is the case, many people who know that bankruptcy is in their future put off and put off filing for years. Usually, there is some event that creates an urgency to file and causes them to seek a bankruptcy attorney. This event could be a notice of foreclosure […]

Negligence Lawyer – Work and Education

Suing rich people for a living might sound like a high-paying job, but before you decide to pursue a career as a malpractice lawyer, you better think twice. You need a commitment to your job and a willingness not to have a personal life to become a malpractice lawyer. If you want money, maybe you should consider selling cars. On […]

Wassily Kandinsky and his many styles

Wassily Kandinsky is the artist responsible for painting the first strictly abstract works. Born in Moscow on December 16, 1866, Kandinsky grew up in Odessa before enrolling at Moscow University. He chose to study economics and law and was very successful in these fields. He was even offered a professorship at Dorpat University, but he started painting when he turned […]

Rule against perpetuities

The “rule against perpetuities” is often described as one of the most complicated legal rules in history! Its origins date back to the days of feudal England, some say as far back as 1680, when landlords often sought to control the use and disposition of property beyond the grave, a concept often referred to as property control. “dead hand” The […]

Sarah Graham Prints Look 3D model

Sarah Graham’s prints have been designed to trick people into thinking the paintings are 3D. The popular artist revealed on her official website that she is comfortable with her own style of photorealistic painting, which aims to render an image as lifelike as possible. She said: “I have been developing a specific method of painting to create the illusion of […]

The science of renaissance and the urgent need to reorient the social economy

Final draft for 15 The science of the Renaissance and the urgent need to resume the social economy During the 1930s, Cambridge University’s Laurence Professor of Ancient Philosophy, FM Cornford, author of Principium Sapientiae: The Origins of Greek Philosophical Thought, was elected to the British Academy. His book Before and After Socrates has been used continuously to influence academic thought […]

6 Property Management Rules From The Rental Bible

Here are some leasing rules that will make your leasing experience more enjoyable and profitable. RULE #1. Acquire Your Tenant – The first step to making property management easy for you is choosing the right tenant. That means selecting a tenant who loves your place and not just like it because a loving tenant is a stable, long-term tenant. You […]

Why am I getting all those privacy emails?

Everyone is receiving privacy emails in response to the EU (European Union) GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enactment for websites. It can feel like a “house on fire” when you also start hearing fearful proclamations about making your own website compliant. So let’s take a deep breath and face reality. Why website privacy laws? The Internet has been largely unregulated […]