Can Employees on Probation Get Severance Pay?

Probation Get Severance Pay Whether you saw it coming or were caught off guard, losing your job is a stressful experience. Often, there’s no time to prepare, and you must quickly figure out where your next paycheck will be coming from and how you’ll cover living expenses in the meantime. In some cases, an employer in Ontario will provide you […]

What exactly is severance pay

severance pay Severance pay is compensation an employer pays to an employee when their employment ends, typically because of a layoff or downsizing. Severance packages can include a lump sum payment and other benefits like job search assistance, outplacement services and stock options. The exact amount of severance pay an employee receives will depend on the circumstances and their employer’s […]

Constructive Dismissals What Are They?

Constructive Dismissals Cases In the workplace, there are many issues that employees have to deal with on a regular basis. While most are minor, some of them can be more serious and can result in legal action. One of the most serious is constructive dismissal, a situation where an employee feels that their work environment has become intolerable and they […]

Punitive Damages Punishment Example

Punitive Damages Punishment Punitive damages, also known as exemplary damages, are the penalties a court may award in a lawsuit to punish a defendant and deter future wrongdoing. They are typically ten times more than the initial damages awarded to the victim. The idea behind the penalties is to make sure the defendant understands that what they did was not […]

Advantages of copiers

Photocopiers are machines used to make copies of documents. Machines for home use are designed for small-scale copying needs, while commercial ones are designed for large-scale copying of documents. Photocopiers are extremely useful machines that people use regularly in the course of their working lives. With technological advancement, these machines have evolved and can now perform a number of functions […]

Replace your old boring lights with modern track lights

In earlier days, people used to prefer bulky light tracks. These days, the trend has changed. Now, people do not prefer bulky and unattractive lighting tracks. They are ready to buy only elegant and ultra modern track lighting. These are available in various shapes, finishes, and sizes. These are very functional. It is the best way to beautify work rooms, […]