Marketing Planning – Don’t Do SWOT

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is a popular framework for developing a marketing strategy. A Google search for “SWOT” and “planning” returned nearly 93,000 results (August 2004), most of which praise the use of SWOTs. Some students have said that it is the most important thing they learned at the Wharton School. Although SWOT is promoted as a useful technique […]

This is healthy fitness for you

People’s definitions of healthy fitness vary, often due to their calling or passion. Bodybuilders, for example, may consider themselves fit and in the best of health. Some of them may be, but others have died from the use of performance-enhancing drugs and herbs. Aerobics instructors will credit your daily workouts, which may include several hours of low- to high-impact aerobics, […]

The advantages of having a large penis

The title of this article seems strange, but we all know that having a huge penis is the dream and envy of most men. Men seek out penis enlargement programs, hoping to fulfill this deep-seated desire. It has become an obsession in today’s world where size does matter. It’s not just men who are concerned about the size of their […]

Glass: environmental friend or foe

Serving a great purpose with little thought, glass is a key ingredient in many of our everyday products. Crockery, light bulbs, mirrors, stoves, windshields, windows – the list is long for something that hasn’t been given a second thought. Friend or foe, we must consider the implications of glass manufacturing on the environment. The ‘What is’ of glass Glass is […]

Complications of an intercultural relationship

While all relationships can be difficult at times to manage, perhaps it is the relationships that begin with a pairing from two different cultures that require the most attention, at least initially, to keep things running smoothly. Have you ever considered the many differences between people where you live and people in other parts of the world? In some cases […]

Take a look at Tadaima the movie

When World War II began, Americans and immigrants of Japanese descent found that the discrimination and prejudice they had long experienced was intensified with hatred towards them displayed on all fronts. Immediately after the Imperial Japanese Navy bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the FBI arrested leaders of the Japanese and Japanese American communities. It was a time of great uncertainty […]