Dog Pain Relief Options for Arthritis

When your dog is in pain, it can be very hard on you. If you’ve had him since he was a pup, you probably remember when he carelessly jumped into the world. Now it is becoming difficult for him to do something simple like walking or standing up from a sitting position. Fortunately, there are several dog pain relief options […]

Lawsuit filed against Tulare and California’s Kern County

The plaintiff, Jamyson Harris, filed a lawsuit against Tulare and Kern County in California. File number 18-cv-00699-LJO-BAM. The accusations include kidnapping and child abuse. In the fall of 1991, Jamyson, along with his brother and sisters, were taken to Tulare County Social Services in Porterville, California. By her mother’s roommates. Roommates falsely accused her mother of abandoning and abusing her […]

Poetry in Contemporary Society

In this ever-changing 21st century, with all its rapid technological advances, we tend to receive information in short bursts. We read emails and text messages quickly, we surf the web, often in a hurry, jumping from page to page via links. We also tend to read fewer newspapers, magazines, and longer substantial articles. We are a society of channel surfers, […]

Why is there a dead raccoon in my garden?

If you find a dead raccoon on your property, there may or may not be any meaning behind it. However, it is understandable that homeowners become a little wary or suspicious upon discovering a dead raccoon near their home. There is helpful information about dead raccoons, the threat they pose, and how to prevent raccoon activity on your property. Read […]

Importance of dog grooming

The dog is one of the most popular pets. Keeping your dog clean and groomed improves its appearance and level of hygiene. For any dog ​​groomer, the most important thing is to understand its basic anatomy. If you think that grooming canine animals and making them look beautiful is an easy job, you are wrong. You must have perfect knowledge […]

California RFID Tracking Device is in Use for Preschoolers

A federal grant is providing money to California’s Contra Costa County to track preschool children using RFID chips. These RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips are a device that tracks the exact location of the item the tag is on. This is used on items like CDs, electronic devices, clothing, and more. Helps prevent theft by triggering alarm gates if someone […]