How to keep chickens as indoor pets for kids

Chickens roaming the house, you say! Impossible! But it is very possible. In fact, chickens make excellent indoor pets for your children. They take up little space, cost only “chicken feed” to maintain, and provide endless hours of entertainment for your children and friends. You can even choose a bantum or a small breed, about a quarter to half the […]

Can Housework Be Dangerous During Pregnancy?

While pregnant mothers tend to do weird things like eat, do things on a whim, pregnant women are always given specific instructions on housework. There are many tasks that are not safe for moms. You will have to stop doing them altogether. No safe limits have been set in weightlifting, they are not allowed. You will have to cope with […]

Boyz II Men – Setting the record straight

Boyz II Men is a Grammy-winning group founded in 1986 that was originally known as Unique Attraction. Nathan Morris and Marc Nelson from Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts were friends who organized several R&B singing groups that did not last long. The time came when the two were able to sign tenors Wanya Morris and Shawn […]

How to sell a property in succession in CA

How do I sell a property in succession in California? If you are looking for information on “How to sell a property in succession“In CA, or anywhere else fast, the best approach is to get an IAEA approved sale. (Remember, we do not provide legal advice. You should consult a competent local attorney). This approach gives you the greatest freedom […]

Lenora Conkle

LeNora Josephine (Quint, Huntley) Conkle, 103, passed away quietly at the Fairbanks Pioneer Home on Thursday, February 7, 2013. On the 10th a small service was held at the Pioneer Home and a Celebration of Life for this summer in the Copper River Basin, where its ashes will spread over the Eagle Trail Ranch. LeNora was born on a small […]