The Best Home Cooked Dog Food

Best Home Cooked Dog Food There is a wide variety of homemade dog food to choose from. In order to make sure that your pet receives the proper nutrition, you will need to decide which foods are best suited for him. The best home cooked dog food is made up of fresh ingredients, such as meats, vegetables, and whole grains. […]

Border Collie Nipping – 5 Ways To Stop It

Border collies are known for biting. They love to bite anything that moves, be it other animals, people or children. They will even try to bite the tires of moving cars. It comes with the territory for a sheepdog. Border Collies will try to herd anything that moves and if the person, animal, or moving object does not obey, they […]

Handmade Wooden Pens – Lessons Learned

After making pens for many years, my developed methods work well. There have been many iterations of the steps over the years. I alter the steps from time to time when a problem occurs. I’d say my methods aren’t the only way to make pens, but with the equipment I have, they work fine for me. I break down the […]

Pug Training Mindset: Psychological Perception On Training A Pug

Pugs are arguably one of the most coveted dog breeds. Their distinctive physical features, like their wrinkled, wrinkled snout and large, loving eyes, along with their charismatic personality, are part of what makes them so cute and lovable. Unfortunately, many people acquire this playful little dog before doing their due diligence on how to train a Pug or understanding the […]

Rawhide Bones vs. Pig Leather Bones, Which Is Better?

You’re thinking to yourself, “I’m bringing home my new puppy.” If you want what is best for him/her, you will learn what you can about raising a dog in a positive way. Your dog is part of your pack. It is important that they are part of your everyday family life. Never leave dogs alone in the backyard or anywhere […]

California Schools Educators Retirement System and Lionstone Group Create Investment Fund

The California State Teachers Retirement System (CSTRS) is the second largest public pension fund in the nation, providing retirement, disability and survivor benefits to California educators. More than 776,000 educators from kindergarten to community college are members of CSTRS, which currently has an investment portfolio of $142 billion. Keeping quality educators in California’s school system is a primary concern for […]