The difference between a Toyota Camry and a Toyota Solara

Between 1998 and 2009, Toyota had two models of its best-selling car, the Camry. There was the standard Toyota Camry and the Toyota Camry Solara, also known as the Toyota Solara. While these two cars share similar characteristics, there were also several notable differences. This article will cover the history of the Solara and how it differs from the Toyota […]

How Does Your Business Ownership Affect Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium?

When you decided to start a business and considered all the options and benefits associated with different types of property, it probably never crossed your mind that your choice could affect the amount of premium you pay for workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Your type of operation and the number of employees not only affect your premium, but ownership of the […]

How to clean your colon properly

There have been many ways to do something that could be a good colon cleanse. Psyllium has been among the most effective of these remedies for centuries. It was in common use among the Indians and Aztecs for their colon problems. By living close to nature as those peoples did, they understood what other ancient peoples knew: the best colon […]

How to use FSBO signs correctly

My intention in writing this article is to show you how to use FSBO signs correctly. For Sale By Owners, FSBO, continually posts homemade signs on their patios that they have purchased from local merchants or chain stores. I’m sure you recognize them by their red and white color scheme and the handwritten owner information on them. The ones that […]

Deep breath and fight

Wrestling is quite an interesting sport to discuss, as there are so many types around the world. One of the oldest and most venerable is sumo wrestling, a highly respected sport that combines athletics with sacred ritual. There is also Greek wrestling, which is still practiced several thousand years after its invention, with some additional safety rules, of course. Then […]

Bond Funds Explained: Safe Investments for 2014?

If you are clueless and invest money in bond funds, you should know that your funds could bite you in 2014. Bond funds are NOT safe investments and some are riskier than others. Read this before investing money (or more money). Truly safe investments pay interest and their principal is safe or fixed. Safe investments do not fluctuate in price […]