Computer game genres

People who play computer games learn the type (genre) that interests them. Then, they select options that fit the gender before buying. But, a person who wishes to give a computer game to a family member or friend may want to observe the receiver’s game to minimize the risk of giving out the wrong type. Computer game genres include: combat, […]

Five Simple Tools to Help You Bake Like a Pro

This article is aimed at young and aspiring bakers who are looking to purchase the tools that can be most useful for baking anything from cakes to cookies and tarts. When I started, my mother thankfully provided me with most of the small tools she would need for cooking and baking as my wedding gift. If this is not the […]

E-Learning in China – 5 Trends

Online training (e-learning) is now well established in the mainstream. Companies around the world are using e-learning to reduce costs, improve quality and consistency, and reach workers in remote locations. Also in China, e-learning has spread rapidly and this is driving our definitions and concepts of online training. In fact, China is likely one day to become the world leader […]

Crouching spider, hidden web

An arachnophobe… someone who believes their world would be just fine without spiders. That’s me. I admitted that I do not have an official diagnosis. It’s not like I went to the doctor one day with weird spider fear symptoms and he said, “I’m sorry, Amy, but you have arachnophobia.” And yet I have no doubt that I am afraid […]

Cufflinks for the right occasion

I must say, really whose Trust people who don’t read in the bathroom. Our bathroom at home is full of reading material; from Oprah magazines to a true crime book (my disgusting guilty pleasure), my husband’s history book (his not-so-disgusting guilty pleasure of hers), and his GQ magazines. When I’ve read my magazines one too many times, or when my […]