The case for hiring a real estate attorney

“Why would I pay for something when I can do it myself, for free?” That’s the question most people ask when someone suggests hiring a real estate attorney. Here are five compelling reasons to rethink this research. 1. Contracts are complex There is absolutely nothing to stop buyers and sellers from negotiating the terms of a deal on their own. […]

No kidding: there’s a Bibleville RV park on Texas’s Rio Grande Vally (RGV)

What is it? Bibleville is a 40-acre nondenominational Bible conference center in Alamo, Texas, where “Winter Texans” (also called “Winter Volunteers”) share their faith and participate in various activities during the winter months. Although it has hookups for mobile homes and RVs, it is not primarily a mobile home park. Her emphasis is ministering to Winter Texans residents and local […]

The advantages and disadvantages of response keys

Because crash wrenches can now be obtained by anyone over the internet, crash wrench resistant products have been introduced to the homeowners market and old locking pin systems have now been replaced by wafer systems. These new systems cost only a few dollars more than older systems, which is an advantage for consumers. Consumers can now get shock protection as […]

When will you need a real estate attorney?

Whether you are buying a new home or trying to deal with foreclosure, you may need legal help. Learn how a real estate attorney can help you in many ways so that you can successfully navigate your financial trials. Buying a house A real estate attorney is needed whenever problems related to buying a home arise. Common problems include: – […]

Why location is no longer important to real estate investors

Forget location, successful real estate investing today is about presentation, presentation, presentation. Real estate investors looking for advice or offers are constantly being told that it’s all about ‘location, location, location’. This may have been true years ago (before the internet) and may have some relevance when deciding how much to pay for a property, but it is certainly not […]