Direct Double Method Mosaic Technique on Mesh

The Double Direct on Mesh Method is an advanced tile laying technique. It allows the artist more freedom in design and installation. It’s just like doing the direct method, but your tiles are adhered to a fiberglass mesh instead of your substrate. Whether you call it the double direct method or the mesh method, you’ll love this new technique. Once […]

How to study by yourself

Studying can be extremely boring; it can be an act of learning, or an act of trying to acquire knowledge in various ways. Although most people don’t like the act of studying as it makes your brain work 24/7, studying can become an exciting hobby, time consuming and entertaining activity. to keep the body and mind active. Surprisingly, it is […]

how to fasten patio furniture

Patio furniture is a great investment and you will want to make sure it is there for you to enjoy year after year. If you have a sheltered area in the backyard, you probably don’t worry too much about securing your patio furniture from shifting in a high wind or storm. But fighting the elements is a way of life […]

Benefits of a kitchen exhaust fan

The kitchen is one of the most common meeting places in many homes. It is a place to relax and bond with family and friends. Therefore, the kitchen should be cozy and convenient. But of all the warm images that the kitchen can present, there is something hidden that lasts: its contamination! The kitchen can be the main source of […]

Why use granite floors for a kitchen?

Well, granite is one of the hardest, most resistant and durable natural stones, with added qualities of aesthetics, lower maintenance and, most importantly, easy to clean, which is why granite is used more specifically in kitchens. These are some of the qualities that granite can bring to floors that are second to none. The kitchen and granite flooring combination is […]

Mat – Introduction

Today, mats are widely used in homes to protect the floor from dirt and dust. This dirt and dust can be harmful to your home and floors. In addition, spills can also cause extensive damage to floors. This spill may include chemicals, especially in commercial and high-traffic areas. However, whatever the case, these mats are a very good option to […]

Oriental vs Contemporary Bedroom Design Theory

Dear friends, If you have read any interior design books/articles, have visited some websites on the internet, you will find the word theme used Very often. What exactly is a theme-based layout? A theme, according to me, is a collection of various parameters of Design of an interior space. So a theme can include a certain set colors, materials, repetition […]

What are TSG kitchen cabinets?

What is TSG? The Skekia Group, or TSG, is actually a leading manufacturer of wooden kitchen cabinets and vanities. With more than 1000 workers, TSG tends to make each and every effort to offer the best quality wood kitchen cabinets and cabinets at affordable costs. From its 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Jersey, TSG offers RTA cooktop cabinets […]