Where Can I Get Nursing CEUs?

Get Nursing CEUs If you’re looking for a comprehensive online resource for continuing nursing education (CEU) courses, look no further. NursingCE dot com offers a comprehensive guide for nurses to satisfy their licensing and CE requirements. There are dozens of courses to choose from, and you can also take advantage of their extensive library. CEU courses are designed to enhance […]

Where to Get Free CEU For Nurses

Free CEU For Nurses If you’re a nurse and have wondered where to get free CEUs, consider enrolling in a CE course. These courses are designed to help nurses improve their skills, and some state boards require that you take a test to complete certain courses. Regardless of which CEU courses you choose, taking them will give you the added […]

Nursing CEUs For Nurses – Diabetes

Nursing CEUs For Nurses The nursing care plan for diabetes has been revised with new content and formatting. The main goals for the plan include achieving normal blood glucose levels, preventing the development of complications, enhancing patient health and managing the long-term consequences. Nurses should tailor the patient education program to the needs of the individual patient, stressing the importance […]

Top Free Online Continuing Education Units For Nurses

Continuing Education Units For Nurses If you’re a nurse looking to improve your skills, consider taking one or more free online continuing education units. CEUs, or continuing education units, are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, medical breakthroughs, and more. Think of them as your post-graduation report card – they provide you with education beyond what […]

Free CEUs For Nurses and Critical Care Nurse CEUs

Critical Care Nurse CEUs The goal of this study was to explore the needs and opinions of critical care nurses working in remote resource regions and how they perceive the value of continuing education (CE) in their role. The study sought to determine what factors hinder critical care nurses’ participation in CE activities, as well as their preferences for topics, […]

 What is Phosphorus Pentoxide?

 What is Phosphorus Pentoxide? Phosphorus pentoxide is a microcrystalline powder that is light in weight and white in appearance. This substance is the product of combustion, subjected to an excess supply of oxygen, of elemental phosphorus. The anhydride of H3PO4 (Orthophosphoric acid) is what is known as Phosphorus pentoxide. It is extremely hygroscopic where it is converted by H2O, using […]