What was Gilligan’s first name?

The seven castaways on Gilligan’s Island were rarely called by their full names. This was in keeping with the wishes of series creator Sherwood Schwartz. I wanted to keep the characters as “prototypes instead of being completely flesh and blood.” In doing so, many people who have seen the series never knew the full name of the characters. Unlike Gilligan, […]

The blue and white kitchen – still popular as ever in 2015

Sometime last year in 2016, the blue and white kitchen trend took off. Decorators across the United States ensure vibrating gray, blue and white cabinets with simple accents, white or stainless steel appliances, clean lines, and a light and airy feel. Since then, the trend has not slowed down. Homeowners love a blue-and-white kitchen in their beach houses, country residences, […]

History of Toyota in the USA

Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Statistical data for 2007 places Toyota as the world’s number one automaker and it should come as no surprise as they have built their reputation as reliable automakers. Toyota started in the mid-1930s with its first engine and its first passenger car. When World War II began, the Japanese […]

WP Content Creator Auto Plugin

Automatic WP content Creator plugin is a simple and fast way to automate your WordPress blog that ensures that you focus all your energy more on marketing, advertising, and monetizing your blog. The WP plugin is an automated content creation software specifically designed to combine vital elements to create a package of a blog entity. Automatic WP content creator is […]

Register For Casino Online and Watch Free Money

Register For Casino Online Once you sign up to register for casino online, you are only allowed to play a certain number of games. This number is usually predetermined by the casino and is included in your signing up documents. In addition to this, you are required to provide your contact information such as name and address so that your […]

The 55 days of Christmas? Twelve survival tips!

Did you notice that the Christmas decorations went up on Halloween? Did a chill run down your spine? The holiday season seems to be getting longer and shorter. Yes, shorter. Look at the expectations that this season puts on you. Fifty-five days is not nearly enough to achieve Countess perfection MarthaRachelNigelaPaula FoodNetwork. I’m not sure I live up to Real […]

Do you produce too much milk?

It seems that having too much milk is a champagne problem, but it is a problem anyway. Before explaining how to handle too much milk, I first want to define what it means to have too much milk. But before I can define “too much milk”, I want to define what is average or normal. Defining normal is important for […]

The Crucible: A Classic Novel About Witch Trials

The crucible The word Melting pot means pot, which is used to heat a substance or material in order to remove the lower elements. This pot is commonly used by chemists and goldsmiths to obtain precious metals in their pure form. In a figurative sense, it also means the severe system and situation. In this sense the title The crucible […]