Using the best job search engines

Are you looking for the best job and can’t find it? Perhaps then you are not using any of the best job search engines on the Internet. Jobs are now more lucrative and most employers now require that only a pretty face on the resume. Most employers now look to the person’s job details in order to make a more […]

The Latest Dividend Playbook from Josh Peters, CFA

Peters begins in the Introduction by introducing his favorite investor, Marjorie Bradt. No, you’ve never heard of her. She was a client of the brokerage for which he once worked as an assistant. Ms. Bradt’s father gave her about $ 6,000 worth of AT&T stock in the late 1950s and early 1960s. She enrolled in AT & T’s dividend reinvestment […]

Wellbeing of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has progressed from the union of microelectromechanical systems, wireless technologies, microservices and the Internet. This convergence has helped break down the silo walls between operational technology and information technology, enabling unstructured machine-generated data to analyze the insights that drive improvements. IoT is simple: it’s about connecting devices over the Internet, allowing them to talk to us, […]

What is a clone of NES or Famiclone?

The word Famiclone is an acronym or a combination of the words Famicom and Clone, and this word was originally coined to describe the multitude of unauthorized copycat reproductions made on the gray market in Asia. Famicom is also known as the original Japanese release of what we know as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Today, the words NES Clone […]

What changes most about the life of a Pinoy expat

More than twenty years have passed. A period of time, enough to keep a diary of funny bones tickling thoughts. A fabric of episodes for a Pinoy expat continually adapting to the nuances of a language. Surprisingly, he sails with an American driver’s license. Living with American job skills but in the mold of a culture left behind. There’s no […]

Internet Connected TVs: The Idiot Box Gets Smart

Evolution of smart TV The expectation of our televisions has changed; now we expect our team to do much more than just flipping through television channels. Consumers have been sampled from a wide range of online content available through televisions, allowing them to watch shows that may have been missed through apps like Plus7 and I-View, and to “rent” streaming […]

Benefits of car cameras

Be it your home, business or family; You always want complete security for each of them! You take the appropriate measures at home, select hotels with adequate security provisions, etc. So why leave your car unprotected? Yes! You can protect your car with a dash cam or car camera. Justifying its name, a car camera sticks to the dash or […]