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One of the best movies of 2002 – "yarn"

…on methamphetamine, that is.

My personal preface: I will always feel that “kooky” bosses deserve the death penalty.

With that said, I’ll proceed.

I’m just a bipolar old man, but I think this movie is so hilariously disgusting that it’s a must-see.

“I can smell the snail tracks all over the store.” If you’re not familiar with that phrase, it’s here. It is pronounced by one of the Spanish mute princesses par excellence. Let’s see, what else? The decongestant used for speeding is kept behind the counter like it’s supposed to be. But the clerk has no problem selling thirty bottles at a time, as long as it’s for a good cause. I nearly broke my stitches when the handcuffed nude blonde was blank below, 1950s men’s magazine or “Barbie” style. We can see a meth factory, but no hair please. A brilliant comment. This whole epic is an absolute symphonic cacophony.

WARNING: Be careful with that axis Eugenio. This is a hard “R” rating. I mean R supported on X.

If this movie isn’t a cult classic, it deserves to be. Do not misunderstand. I am not nostalgic for the homemade poison around which it revolves; I never got into that, thank God. Maybe I did some equally dumb things. Want to inhale some cooking spray oil?

Sometimes it helps to laugh at this mean world. This movie made me do that. Nervous would be a mild description. I rate it with a thousand stars. Rarely does a movie hit the mark with such perfection. It’s a bullseye for director Jonas Ackerlund. The characters are brilliant caricatures in a very sad theme and Mickey Rourke absolutely “cooks”.

The script deserved an Oscar. Just genius.

The animation deserved an Oscar. There is no airbrushing there.

The makeup deserved an Oscar. They took some very handsome actors and made them look like trash. Except Mickey. He probably didn’t need much help, since he fits the niche. And mom didn’t need much help. Don’t look too close. She’s your average American, but I had to walk away.

I can’t say more. Just hold on tight.

Seriously though, this movie is hauntingly hopeless when the laughs run out. The bad thing is that it can really get so horrible. I’ve seen a friend pick lint off the carpet hoping it was wrong. Just tinkering man. This crap is rife in America and it makes me cry, not laugh. SPEED KILLS!!

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