Panasonic KX-MB773: the fax of choice for small and medium-sized offices

Today we will explore the possibilities of the Panasonic KX-MB773 laser multifunction fax. This model is a versatile office complex, uniting in a single unit six main office devices: laser printer, flatbed scanner, photocopier, fax, telephone and PC fax.

The specifications show the possibilities of the Panasonic KX-MB773 model: the print speed of 18 pages per minute, the ability to scan documents and color photos at high resolution, including batch mode (up to 20 sheets), the reception and transmission of documents to/from the memory in fax mode, and the ability to print on ordinary office paper suggest that this office model is sufficient for a small and even average workgroup.

The design and appearance of the KX-MB773 laser multifunction printer follow Panasonic traditions: light gray body, front location of the information panel, multi-color layout of the controls, 2-line LCD display for indicating the name and number.

The assembly and preparation process of the device is simple, the steps are detailed in a short illustrated manual and are intuitive for anyone, even users not so well versed in the technique. Along with the ability to customize the device via the front panel buttons, the Panasonic KX-MB773 also supports remote control mode features and settings.

Even if you do not have the slightest idea about the interface of the Panasonic KX-MB773, the overwhelming number of functions can be mastered “on the fly”, without reading the manual. The device’s flat design with top-mounted scanner and 20-sheet automatic document feeder, convenient 2-line LCD control panel, as well as remote configuration and management make it possible to place the device in any corner of the office.

In offline mode, simply press one of the large keys on the left of the screen to instantly switch to fax, copy and scan, the active button will be highlighted with an LED.

The Panasonic KX-MB773 model is equipped with a built-in non-volatile memory, which allows the delayed transfer of up to 150 document pages to the memory if paper is not available. This device has direct and delayed delivery of documents from memory, a set of 100 speed dial numbers and a set of 6 one-touch numbers.

The tests confirmed the high speed and quality characteristics of the Panasonic KX-MB773. Essentially, when it comes to print quality up to 600 dpi, the excellent level was achieved a few generations ago, and now with the launch of new products, the company only varies the capacity of the toner cartridge, depending on the market positioning of the model.

The toner saving mode stands out, in which, depending on the characteristics, the amount of toner is reduced by about 40%, but the output documents are of sufficient quality. In addition, the high speed of printing and copying was confirmed, up to 18 pages per minute. The high-speed USB 2.0 interface also contributed to fast fax availability for PC print and scan data transfer rates.

The built-in Panasonic KX-MB773 scanner worked confidently. The device works perfectly with color and while it’s certainly not a professional photographer’s scanner, for office work the quality is more than adequate. The copy mode also delivered more than enough results to ensure a quality document flow.

The fax is made of a perfect combination of key features: fast laser print and copy speeds of up to 18 pages per minute, the ability to scan high-quality color and monochrome images, including batch mode, and flawless handling of a dense stream of fax messages with up to 150 pages of memory. You get even more convenience with the Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 interface, caller ID, and the ability to enter up to 106 speed dial numbers into your fax contact book.

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