Preparing for the winter game of golf

For those who live in the north and east, keeping your golf game in tip top condition is important. Here are some simple little things that will keep you ready at all times. The time involved is less, but it has paid off tremendously for many.

Having been raised in the Midwest and by Lake Michigan, I fully understand the plight of golfers living in the snowy states during the winter. Their season is drastically shortened due to several factors. In the following paragraphs, you will find some simple things you can do to keep your game in shape all winter long. The results you will see in the 2010 golf season will be much more than you anticipate or expect.

Here’s a bullet list:

Set aside $ 8.00 per week for the next 14 weeks. Why? NEW GRIPS Heat has this dreaded effect on golf grips, drying them out, making them brittle and slippery. You should change your grips at least once a year AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON. Before storing your sticks for the winter, be sure to clean them thoroughly … especially the grooves! warm soapy water and an old toothbrush will do the trick. Then dry them well too and wrap the heads in a saran wrap. The saran wrap will keep moisture out of the clubs and help prevent rust from forming. Oh I know there are some who will say that stainless steel never rusts … Uh Huh, and pigs can fly too. Not all clubs are stainless steel and most have some type of chrome plating.

At least by doing this, you won’t have to bring them another brush when the season starts. Alternatively, and with a little more effort, you could get some paraffin wax and seal them for the winter. To do this, melt the wax and dip each stick in it and then let it dry. When the season comes, just remove the wax. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it does do this. If you decide on this … don’t use your wife’s good pans. They have an affinity for being upset by this. Go to the dollar store and buy a cheap skillet. Either that or face the possibility of having wax once or twice for dinner.

Put your golf bag inside a travel bag, this serves at least three purposes, prevents them from accumulating dust, removes some ability of moisture to reach them and keeps them ready at any time. Who knows, you may have a worthwhile opportunity to take a mini-vacation in warmer weather to play golf. Or in the previous wax in the pan box makes it easy to escape. Now for your own game of golf. More bullets for you, smile.

Go to any hardware store and buy yourself a 3/4-inch wooden dowel. Wrap one end with guazetex. It should only be about 2 feet long. While sitting at home, you could be watching the golf channel and working on your grip at the same time. The 3/4-inch dowel is about the same size as a grip. The guazetex will allow you to hold on to it more easily. And the spouse will appreciate that you don’t leave golf clubs lying around the house all winter long.

With another reference to working on your grip … grab it firmly and hold it for 30 seconds at a time. This will build strength in your hands and forearms, making it easier for you to transition to your golf clubs when the time comes and the season approaches. Yes, I know, everyone always talks to you about taking the club lightly. In my next article I will talk specifically about grip and grip pressure. Needless to say, it’s not what you think. And I can prove it.

Practice your placement on the mat. Believe me, this does wonderful things for your golf game and your score. And long-pile rugs aside (which thankfully I haven’t seen seems like forever), it will always keep you in the game. Use a dime as a target and roll the ball over the top of the dime. If your ball rolls more than 12 inches past the dime, you hit it too hard. You already know the result of the exercise in this one.

If you can get away with it … hit some balls on the couch or your favorite chair. My disclaimer to everyone on this is … NO FULL HITS, AND NO CARPET DIVOTS. I don’t want a plethora of women looking to lynch me because you took my advice and hit the ceiling or ripped the carpet.. Remember that you are only looking to lift the ball. SOME learn and maintain something to feel. This will definitely teach you a bit of touch. The game here is learning to sweep the ball off the surface, leaving no damage, and preventing all the balls from bouncing off the chair. Again, there will be a more descriptive article on the chip in the future.

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