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7 keys to intimacy with Jesus

When I looked at my relationship with Jesus and the intimacy I shared with Him, I wanted to write a book on how I got that intimacy. And I came up with the 7 keys to intimacy that were fundamental to my life. I hope you enjoy this summary.

KEY 1 Obedience

One of the most powerful and helpful ways to approach Jesus is to develop a posture of obedience. This not only includes obeying the commandments of Jesus, of which there are fifty, but it also includes obeying the instructions of the Holy Spirit. The more you obey Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the sweeter your fellowship will be.

KEY 2 Prayer

It makes perfect sense to talk to Jesus in prayer. However, what is most beneficial, and something that will allow you to become intimate more quickly, is that you develop the ability to have a two-way prayer with Jesus, where he answers you. You can search for books that teach you this.

KEY 3 Ask questions

When you develop the ability to have two-way prayer, one of the most important keys to personal intimacy is having the courage to ask Jesus hundreds and thousands of questions. Just as you ask a potential boyfriend or girlfriend many questions at the beginning of a relationship, your relationship with Jesus will grow faster the more questions you ask.

KEY 4 Correct theology

If you have a theology that makes you believe that God is an angry God who is demanding and severe, you will need to change your theology by reading the right books. If, on the other hand, you believe that God is happy with you no matter what sins you commit and that you never need to repent, this must also change to become more intimate with Jesus.

KEY 5 Be apart

Jesus doesn’t want to share you with your lust for the world. The more you let go of the things of the world you live in, the closer you will get to Jesus. Jesus hates idolatry.

KEY 6 Word of God

The more you meditate on the Word of God and the more you apply it to your life, the closer you will be to Jesus.

KEY 7 Friends

Psalm 1: 1-3 shows us what you must do to have a great relationship with God. One of the requirements is that we only surround ourselves with upright and straight people. It is better not to have friends than to have friends who make you depressed.

I hope this article encourages you and you can apply these 7 keys to intimacy with Jesus. I wish you the best on your journey with Jesus.

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