Average Fuel Consumption: How to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Save Money Instantly

We’ve all been there, at the gas station filling up the gas tank, watching how fast the price of gas rises with every second and how slowly the gas tank is filling up. It is annoying and frustrating and it seems like there is nothing you can do. However, there are some very simple solutions to this problem. When you apply the following simple tips to your car and driving habits, you will lower your average car fuel consumption and instantly save a ton of money.

Tip 1. Pay attention to your gas mileage, because the more aware you are of your average fuel consumption, the better you will be at improving gas mileage. You can monitor your gas mileage by keeping a fuel log in your car at all times. Just keep a notebook and pen in your car and take note of how much you spend on gas and how many miles you get per gallon. This will help you develop the habit of knowing exactly how much you are spending at the pump.

Tip 2. Keep the gas level above a quarter tank at all times and never drive your car empty. It may seem like driving your car with a vacuum is using less gas, but you’re actually using more gas and increasing your average fuel consumption. The reason for this is that your car runs less efficiently as it tries to accelerate and decelerate in the normal way.

Tip 3. Regularly tuning your car is one of the best things you can do to make your car more fuel efficient. Recent studies have shown that the average fuel consumption of a car that has a poorly tuned engine will increase by up to 20 percent. Are you ready for the next tip?

Tip 4. Your car shows you signs all the time, so pay attention to them! When that red light on your dash comes on telling you it’s time to “check your meters,” then have them checked ASAP. If you are not sure when your car was last serviced, you should contact your auto mechanic or the mechanic who last helped you. By doing this, you can find out how long it has been since your car was checked and also schedule an appointment at the same time.

Tip 5. My last suggestion for you is to keep your car clean and waxed whenever possible. This will only help a little, however, every bit counts. Keeping your car clean will reduce the amount of drag on your car and therefore lower your average fuel consumption.

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