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Tauren – The gentle and spiritual race of World of Warcraft

The famous Tauran race, in the World of Warcraft game, are huge creatures that live on the open, grassy plains of Kalimdor. They are considered peaceful in nature. However, the center of their spiritual culture resides in the rites of the big huntwhere each member of the tribe, warrior or not, seeks his identity both as a hunter and as a son of the Mother Earth. When they reach their age of maturity, they must test their skills in the wild and prove themselves in the Great Hunt.

Tauren are known to be very grandiose in their physical attributes, which means they are huge. Their construction grants them not only strength but also toughness, making them quite resistant to any physical damage. They have a passive natural resistance to everything from poisons to acids to the weather. They have also developed a deep understanding of the botanical life of Azeroth, using it in various shamanic rituals as well as for medical purposes, giving their race a reputation as natural herbalists. All Tauren are also born with the ability to communicate with spirits in times of need. They have been given the nickname “war stomp” due to their ability to “shake the earth” and stun their enemies.

When it comes to mounts, ground mounts, taurens only have three options due to their sheer size. They can use their own animal, known as the Kodo, or the orcs, the Dire Wolf, or the Troll’s Raptor. They have no restrictions when it comes to flying mounts.

His racial traits include:
1) the aforementioned War Stomp that stuns up to five enemies within eight yards for two seconds,
2) ‘Stamina’ which increases your base health by five percent,
3) ‘Cultivation’ which increases your Herbalism skill by 15, and
4) ‘Nature Resistance’ which reduces the chance of being hit by Nature spells by two percent.

History of the Tauren Race

This breed has a long and complex tradition, passed down through many generations. There is no way to confirm if his history is accurate as there are no written records. However, they are believed to be as old as the night elves, as both races are believed to have existed at the time the world was created. Also, like the elves, they have a great reverence for nature and elemental spirits. They are dedicated to maintaining balance in nature.

There are also myths that revolve around this race and in fact it is in these myths that the Tauren race is mentioned. These myths cover the story of the creation of the world and the appearance of the first member of the group, his creation by the Earth Mother, his encounter with Cenarius, Lord of the Forest and patron god of all druids, and the arrival of the Centaur

This noble race has strength as its greatest virtue. They can be played as Druids, Hunters, Shamans, Warriors, Death Knights, Paladins, and Priests. They are the only race in the Horde that can play as druids, and they are also the only race in the Horde that cannot have characters playing as rogues. Despite their massive size and brute strength, it must always be remembered that the Tauren hold a balance between nature and peace as their top priorities. Although the Great Hunt is the center of their spiritual culture, they do not see it as separate from nature. For them, hunting is honoring the spirits of nature. Therefore, they are a noble species in the incredibly popular World of Warcraft virtual reality.

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