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Top 3 Twitter Marketing Programs

Twitter, once purely a social network, has now become a huge marketplace for those who want to do business online. And to keep up with the workload involved in marketing through this medium, software has been developed to make the job easier and faster. There are currently three Twitter marketing software that are doing the rounds on this network. These are Tweet Whistle, Hummingbird and Tweet Adder.

Tweet Whistle is a marketing software used for Twitter marketing. With the help of the software, you can locate users by keywords from a user’s bio, you can find users by their location, and users can be found by tweeted keywords.

From within the tool you can remove followers who are not following you for a specified period, allowing you to remove them so you don’t have to follow those who choose not to follow you. The software has the option to send your tweets through any RSS feed you choose. However, the software does have the ability to automate the software to download users to your database that you can visit whenever you want. At around $40 it is very cheap, however this should not be construed as inferior software, it does have its own strengths.

Twitter Adder, this is the most popular Twitter marketing software out there. This Twitter marketing software does all the functions that Tweet Whistle does, plus it can also find followers of particular users, like followers of your competitor. Once you’ve found them, you can download them to your database to use whenever you want. With Twitter Adder you can create a schedule of tweets even for a month or more. The software will send the tweets automatically at the interval you set. There are many other features that can be used to help you in Twitter marketing. However, the software is a bit pricey as the full version costs around $188.

Hummingbird 2, another Twitter marketing software, is built on Adobe’s current platform. The software has its limits and cannot be classified as a complete Twitter marketing software. If you want to find users based on the keywords they are tweeting, then the software is right for you, but you will not be able to find users by location with this software. However, you can specify the type of users you want to follow and the software will follow those particular users instead of following all of them. But at $97, it seems a bit pricey considering its limitations.

Based on your requirements, you can choose the right Twitter marketing software for your marketing campaign.

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