What Security Measures Does TeamTag Employ to Protect Data?

TeamTag Employ to Protect Data

When it comes to protecting personal data, teamTag takes a holistic approach. This means we not only have strong encryption measures in place, but we also have procedures in place to ensure that we have a backup copy of all of the information stored on our systems. This backup copy is stored in a different format from the original data so that it is not vulnerable to the same kinds of threats. In addition, we have security protocols in place to prevent data from being modified or deleted.

These measures include authentication, Teamtag access controls and backup data copies. Authentication refers to the ability to accurately identify a user before granting them access to data. This includes things like passwords, PIN numbers, security tokens, swipe cards and biometrics. Access controls are designed to prevent unauthorized access to data, whether it be at rest or in transit.

Backup data copies are important because they allow us to recover from a disaster or security incident. This includes things like physical disks, cloud storage and local network storage. Encryption measures refer to the ability to encrypt data at rest and in transit. This allows us to encrypt the contents of communications within Microsoft Teams. This prevents anyone from accessing the content of your conversations, even if they have the appropriate login credentials. Keeping your encryption keys and certificates securely maintained and regularly reviewing and updating them is critical to maintaining data privacy and security.

What Security Measures Does TeamTag Employ to Protect Data?

TEAM will only disclose Personal Information of Client Personnel as required by law, or with the consent of the applicable individual. TEAM will not use this Personal Information for any purposes other than those expressly authorised by the Agreement. We will not rent or sell Personal Information of Client Personnel to third parties for any purpose.

Founded by TAG member companies in 2004, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) is the industry’s leading initiative to fight criminal activity and increase trust and transparency in digital advertising. TAG’s tools, standards and practices have proven to stop at least 85% of fraudulent activity and remove 90% of ads from pirate sites. TAG is currently designated as the industry’s Information Sharing and Analysis Organization.

Rachel Nyswander Thomas is Chief Operating Officer at TAG, overseeing the group’s work in setting industry standards, fostering brand safety and facilitating threat intelligence capabilities as well as business operations. Prior to joining TAG, she held leadership positions at ad tech companies and marketing solutions providers in the e-commerce and retail industries.

Adrian Lacey leads TAG’s Policy and Programs with a focus on the Brand Safety Certified and Certified for Transparency Programs. He also project manages TAG TrustNet, the pioneering cross-industry transparency utility solution. Adrian brings a wealth of digital media experience across multiple roles at various entrepreneurial firms and large media owners including JICWEBS, Tacoda (AOL) and Tremor Video. He has also led numerous industry working groups and thought leadership initiatives.

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